DC's T-Funk x Tati Compton Shoe Release Photos

DC just released a collaboration for T-Funk's pro shoe wih LA tattoo artist Tati Compton. To celebrate the release, DC hosted Tati’s first ever art show this past weekend at These Days in downtown Los Angeles. The skate community was there to devoure the beer supply while local celebs, including Andy Dick, lurked. The rest of the crowd took advantage of free hand-poked tattoos by the artist of honor herself Tati. When you're done seeing who was bold and brave enough to get down for life, go cop the shoe before they’re all gone! —Jimmy Astleford
Mandatory product display to start the night off right? Check!
2 SHOE BLABAC Resized 2000pxSpicy embroidery by none other than Tatiana Kartomten (aka Tati Compton)
3 FUNKCREW BLABAC Resized 2000pxT-Funk, Manchild and the squad keep it cool with the coozies
4 ART 3 BLABAC Resized 2000pxThe walls were full of Tati’s flash art...
5 ART 2 BLABAC Resized 2000px
Along with extremely detailed graphite illustrations...
6 ART BLABAC Resized 2000pxAnd watercolor pieces that were somehow even more detailed
7 CHAD ASTLEFORD Resized 2000pxChad from Meatbodies in front of the original cover art from their first album. Tati does it all
8 Coozies ASTLEFORD Resized 2000pxSmoking-skull coozies? Check!
9 CROWDS BLABAC Resized 2000pxAnd the the mandatory crowd shot? Check!
10 DISPLAY ASTLEFORD Resized 2000pxThe souvenir stand was stocked for the super fans in attendance
11 SMOKEOUTSIDE ASTLEFORD Resized 2000pxWhen T-Funk and friends are asked to smoke outside, they oblige
12 PICKYOURFLASH Resized 2000px
Tattoo time. Pick your flash
13 TATTOO 2 BLABAC Resized 2000pxEvery good skate event needs to have a killer, flesh-tearing demo—no excpetion here. Let the demo begin!
14 TATS Resized
This one's definitely goin on the 'Gram
15 TY CHARLES ASTLEFORD ResizedTy Segall and Charles Moothart of Fuzz honoring Tati’s work on the cover of their debut album. That's two debut album covers, for those counting
Thank you, DC, for the having everyone out and keeping us in good spirits. We can't wait to rip the kicks!