Dime Glory Challenge 2018 Photos

It all started off as a joke. Problem was, the joke was too damn good. Since the first Dime Glory Challenge, bodies have burst into flames, swords have been sacked, and wallrides have reached new heights, but one thing remains the same - Wade will never lose. So far you’ve seen snippets of this year’s action on the gram, but as we cook up the almighty edit, take this photographic journey through the most insanely sane skateboarding event on Planet Earth.


Photos by Dan Mathieu, Nathan Ethier-Myette and Ryan Lebel


1 750px

The crowd showed up early

2 750px
3 750pxThe riders arrived

4 750pxGood morning, Ishod

5 750pxBig Daddy Gangsta, Tiago Lemos

6 750pxQuick riders meeting—the challenges were explained and riders started to realize what was coming

7 750pxYou want me to do what?!

8 750pxI didn’t sign up for this

9 750pxThe gates were opened

10 750pxFull house!

11 750pxThese guys have been training all year for this

12 750px“The opening ceremony is about to start. we need everyone’s participation for this”


14 750px
15 750pxJamal Smith on the earth’s last unicorn

16 750px
17 750pxA quick sacrifice before the skating can start

18 750pxWallride Challenge


19 750pxThe boys tested out the wall


20 7750pxZered Basset, switch wallride

21 750pxAlexis Lacroix, 15 feet


22 750pxRaney Beres doesn’t give a fuck!


23 750pxKader


24 750px
25 750pxThe boys needed all the speed they could get


26 750pxLouie Lopez, 18 feet

27 750px“That’s one giant fucking gap”

28 750pxTyshawn Jones

29 750px
30 750px
31 750pxIshod Wair, 19 foot frontside wallride

32 750pxNext up: Speed Challenge

33 750pxCombine a hot day with a raging crowd and a wet floor is what you get

34 750pxThe Speed Challenge turned into a slip and slide

35 750pxIt’s all good!


36 750pxTom Knox, full speed back Smith assisted by Austin Kanfoush

37 750pxThanks, Austin!

38 750pxJosh Wilson—nice

39 750pxAlexis Lacroix, nollie one-foot back Smith


40 750pxAnd now—the Volcano Challenge

41 750px
42 750px
43 750pxT-Funk’s a beast!

44 750px
45 750pxLouie, frontside 180


46 750pxSpencer Hamilton, back tail


47 750px
48 750pxAntoine Asselin, front blunt

49 750px
50 750px
51 750px
52 750pxBRYAN’S OKAY!

53 750pxAnd now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP GAME OF S-K-A-T-E!

54 750pxFrom the United States of America: ISHOD WAIR!

55 750px
56 750pxAnd three-time world champion, WADE DESARMO!

57 750px
58 750pxA quick arm wrestle to see who goes first

59 750px
60 750pxIshod started it off

61 750px
62 750px
63 750pxThe battle was intense

64 750px
65 750pxbut Wade finally took it

66 750px
67 750px4-PEAT, baby!

68 750pxUndefeated

69 750pxThe Gladiator Challenge!

70 750px
71 750px
72 750pxWes knows

73 750pxThe most violent event in skateboarding

74 750pxEvan Smith took it to a new dimension

75 750pxDonta Hill vs. Breana

76 750pxDonta wins!


77 750pxUp Next, final round


78 750pxDonta Hill, Spencer Hamilton, Lee Yankou, Wes Kremer and Weckingball


79 750pxClash of the titans. Scraping is tolerated today

80 750pxThese guys are fucking HUGE!

81 750pxWhat a final

82 750pxWeck takes it. Beef is finally squashed


83 750pxThe oldest challenge of all time: The Pyramid Challenge


84 750pxZered goes switch, of course


85 750pxA really good photo of Pryce


86 750pxSpencer Hamilton, 12 feet

87 750pxTransaction denied

88 750pxThe crowd hooks it up with the Valdez P.O.W.A.

89 750pxCrazy Frankie, 13 Feet

90 750pxSpencer

91 750pxKader

92 750px
93 750pxDanny: “You can go bigger; trust me”

94 750pxAnd he does, Kader Sylla, 15 feet!

95 750px
96 750pxThat’s a wrap!

97 750px
98 750pxWallride Challenge winners: Ishod Wair and T-Funk

99 750pxSpeed Challenge winners: Alexis Lacroix and Yuri Facchini

100 750pxVolcano Experts: Louie Lopez and Antoine Asselin

101 750pxGladiator Challenge winner: Weckingball

102 750pxPyramid Challenge winner: Kader Sylla

103 750pxLast place but not least: Mitch Barrette

104 750pxDGC 2018 Most Valuable Players: Louie Lopez and Kader Sylla. See you next year!

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