Dime Street Challenge 2018 Photos

You can just feel the speed and stoke oozing through these photos.


Photos by Dan Mathieu, Nathan Ethier-Myette and Ryan Lebel

1 1 750pxWelcome to the steepest hill in Montreal

2 1 750pxThis is about to go real fast…

3 1 750pxAaaaaand—it’s go time

4 1 750pxT-Funk, quick air for the Christ

5 1 750pxNora with the mute grab

6 1 750pxShe’s good

7 1 750pxBenihana executed perfectly by Dime’s new TM, Jamie Thomas

8 1 750pxWow

9 1 750pxLouie Lopez, nosegrab 180

10 1 750pxSki ride, Alexis Lacroix

11 1 750pxMandatory Valdez roll-away

12 1 750px

13 1 750pxJohn Shanahan, Japan air for the win

14 1 750pxLongest ollie challenge: Simon Bannerot, 28 feet

15 1 750pxHenry Gartland takes it with a 28.5 foot-long ollie!

16 1 750px


17 750pxYep

18 1 750pxTiago, wake up, man! Let’s go skate

19 1 750pxTiago, switch ollie over the rail

20 1 750pxShanahan, nollie


21 1 750pxBoom

22 1 750pxRyan Decenzo ends it with a 360 flip

23 1 750pxTHAT WAS BOLTS!


24 1 750pxA happy crowd. Thanks, y’all!

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