Dime x Vans' "Glory Challenge" Photos

Dime x Vans' "Glory Challenge" Photos

Take another look at the good times from the Glory Challenge with this photo blog. Photos by Nathan Ethier-Myette and Dan Mathieu.

Dime and Vans welcomed everybody to town with the opening of their pop-up store. Joe Valdez, Jake Johnson, and Forrest Edwards

Dime Vans Slip-On Pro, the ultimate banana stomping shoe

Heavy crew. Wade, Busenitz, Valdez, and Johnson

The Glory Challenge would not have been possible without the help of logistics expert, Bryan from Dime

Riders meeting, speed shades and fake style highly encouraged all day

Forrest Edwards warming up. Kickflip 50-50

First challenge, Need-4-Speed. Dela and Al

Jake Donnely warms up with a full speed flatground frontside flip

Dennis Busenitz, kickflip at the speed of light

Al Davis, switch 360 flip

Antoine Asselin

Gangster challenge demonstration

Ryan Decenzo, gangster frontside blunt. Perfect stance

Master of the gangster style, Bobby Dekeyzer.

The guillotine challenge…

Antoine Asselin

Guillotine challenge, Dennis Busenitz

Guillotine challenge, Ryan Decenzo

Ryan Decenzo, 7.6 foot high ollie

Best trick challenge. Alexis Lacroix, switch Barley grind 180

Jake Johnson, switch no-comply with speed shades


DGK phenomenon Wade Desarmo vs Local legend Eric Riedl

Eric Riedl starts

Riedl switch 360 flip

Fans everywhere


Valdez challenge. Dime flew in Joe Valdez to attend this one

Expanding flat gap to skinny landing, Yonnie Cruz

Alexis Lacroix, Ski jump

Bryan measuring the distance

Aaron Herrington, 12.9 foot long gap, with speed shades

Joe Valdez and Aaron Herrington

The Anxiety Challenge, two tries anywhere in the park. Lee Yankou, oIlie of sin

Ryan Decenzo has no fear, switch tailslide 270, first try

Alexis Lacroix, ski Jump

The mystery challenge, a darkslide ultimatum. Lee Yankou, 1.5 flip darkslide to fakie

So many darkslide attempts required some traffic control

Final challenge, the obstacle course race

Al Davis

Antoine Asselin

Jamal Smith

Race finalists; Chris St-Cyr, Brian Delatorre, Ryan Decenzo



Brian Delatorre in first place!

Awards coming up…

Thanks to head judge Gab Ekoe.

Expert in quality control

Speed challenge winners, Lee Yankou and Brian Delatorre

Gangster challenge winners, Antoine Asselin and Bobby Dekeyzer

Guillotine challenge winners, Ryan Decenzo and Aaron Herrington

Best trick challenge winners, Jamal Smith and JS Lapierre

Game of Skate WORLD CHAMP, Wade Desarmo

Valdez challenge winners, Aaron Herrington and Joe Valdez

Anxiety challenge winners, Ryan Decenzo and Andrew McGraw

Darkslide challenge winners, Aaron Herrington and Lee Yankou

Race challenge winners, Brian Delatorre and Ryan Decenzo

And the overall MVPs... Aaron Herrington and Jamal Smith!!!

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