DLX's "Escape from SF" Art Show/Skate Jam Photos

After a couple of decades in existence, DLXSF has accumulated quite a lot of cool shit—rough sketches for board graphics, the boards themselves and random radness that riders have brought home from the road. And since not all of us can have a private tour of their warehouse, they were kind enough to take a selection of goodies down to Black Long Beach for a lil’ art show. Cardiel was spinnin’ wax, Tommy G and Barbee jammed the guitars and countless sketches, planks and paintings adorned the walls. Hell, they even hauled out the goddamn Cardiel rail and bolted it to the sidewalk out front for you to gawk at while waiting to get into the bar. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxCruised down to Long Beach and met up with the DLXSF crew who were hosting a BBQ and skate jam at Cherry Park—Christian Alexander and Oliver Flores running the double grills

02 750pxRusso and Brockel—a couple of Robs chillin’

03 750pxGage Boyle, back heel over the hydrant. You see his welcome to Spitfire part?!

04 750pxJohn Dilorenzo’s got his back with a switch backside flip

05 750pxChristian Henry slides a front board on DIY quarterpipe version 3.0

06 750pxMalakai Montes boosts a backside O

07 750pxand Janthavy Norton slashes backside for all the ladies in the house

08 750pxCherry park loc David Reyes, switch crooks pop over

09 750pxThen Zion came cruisin’ up

10 750pxGettin down with a Deluxe dog. I woulda guessed mustard based on the outfit

11 750pxTwo-thousand-sixteen SOTY Kyle Walker threatens to blast Real’s newest pro Jack Olson with this summer’s coolest beverage

12 750pxLegends in attendance? Yup! Ray Barbee with a smooth (as always) tailslide

13 750pxRay and Lance—you can’t stop The Firm

14 750pxWhose 1942 BSA is this?

15 750pxIt’s Mountain’s. He’s always riding in style but had to leave early to get home before dark. Something about the unreliability of a ’77 year old headlight…

16 750px“All of this can be yours if you pick up all the trash”

17 750pxOliver Flores and the kids keep it clean

18 750pxThen it was time to posse up and head over to Black Long Beach

19 750pxRollin’ up

20 750pxDavid Reyes finishing some signage

21 750pxK-Walks and the Cardiel rail out in front of Black Long Beach. Jesus, look at that thing

22 750pxIt’s long enough to handle a Friday night line outside of Black

23 750pxInside, Sebo Walker checking out decades of classic board graphics

24 750pxUp-to-the-minute additions to the show—Evan Smith was wearing this shirt just hours before the opening

25 750pxTwo-thousand-thirteen SOTY Ishod Wair knows you gotta bank it on the eight

26 750pxThe bar was soon packed

27 750pxP-Stone’s board appropriately hung above the TV running all your favorite DLX-affiliated skate videos

28 750pxNineteen-ninety-two SOTY John Cardiel handling the turntables for the night

29 750px"What up, Neckface?”

30 750pxNext to the photo of Cardiel grinding the rail was a video explaining how they got it back to the DLXSF warehouse “He didn’t buy it, but he owns it” —Frank Gerwer

31 750pxFlying Rat skateboards sketches and the Rowan Zorrilla Un-Wanted guest board, all drawn by Sam Davidson

32 750pxAlien abduction cards by Andy Pitts

33 750pxChristian Cooper and a couple of Jeff Grosso graphics he drew for Antihero

34 750pxNo mistaking Todd Francis’ legendary Antihero graphics

35 750pxGrimple Stix artist Lou Barberio and Peter Hewitt trying to figure out where they went wrong

36 750px“Yup, that’s me—versatile” —Cody Jacobson

37 750pxAnd in case you missed that board graphic in the ’90s you can now get it as a Thrasher T, available at finer skateshops worldwide

38 750pxThen it was time for Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee to do a lil’ guitar session

39 750pxPedaling through…

40 750px…feeding off each other

41 750pxFeelin’ it!

42 750pxThe DLXSF art department: Lou Barberio, Jerome McCaskill II, Christian Cooper, Sam Davidson, Andy Pitts, Zach Morrissey and Todd Francis. Thanks again, DLXSF, for always doing cool shit with skateboarding
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