Don't Cry Argentina Photos

January starts off with the crew in South America. No demos, no teams, no schedule means good times 'boarding and the gangs all here. Argentina is so epic. Fuck a blog; get a plane ticket. –Jake Phelps


Photos: Diego Bucchieri


PstoneCoryHewitt.MarDelPlata.AleMercadoFoto ALE4397



GrantTaylor 360FlipOverHip Buenos Aires DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Tré sweet. GT, casual and collected


JasonGT BuenosAiresDiegoBucchieri HiRes

Jason Lee? Not quite


DiegoBucchieri.TransferOllie.TandilSkatepark.Tandil.AleMercadoFoto ALE4294

The Butcher, home invasion retirement board? Fuck no Photo: Ale Mercado


FernandoBramsmark FSOllie Otamendi DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Nando finds a need and fills it


TatuMartinez Invert Otamendi DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Runs in the family. Milton's dad, Tatu, invert. C'mon, Tom


JakePhelps.FrontsideGrind.TandilSkatepark.Tandil.AleMercadoFoto ALE4268

"It's alive!" Phelper, 5-0


GTPat KentukyPizza DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Pizza 'n' beer


Seq 1

Nando out, stinkbug in


Seq 2

Raven, somethin' else


JakePete Mataderos DiegoBucchieri HiRes

All smiles when you've been doing this forever


MarcHubbard FsGrind SanMartin DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Hubbard, support the troops


PatMClain Tailblock SanMartin DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Patty, front block. Isn't that Pete's trick?


ChorizosOnBoard Mataderos DiegoBucchieri HiRes

P-Stone was dreaming


GrantTaylor Eh Park DiegoBucchieriHiRes

Termite needs riders


CK and GT Eh Park DiegoBucchieri HiRes

The Revingtons


CoryKennedy BsSmithgrind Brusquitas DiegoBucchieri HiRes

CK1 was our go-to guy, Smithers


FernandoBramsmark.Hurricane.Brusquitas.Miramar.AleMercadoFoto ALE4548

Good contrast here, kids. Frontside 'cane from Nando


RavenTershy.CornerFive0.Brusquitas.Miramar.AleMercadoFoto ALE4540

Couch was so crusing


GrantTaylor.CornerFrontside.Brusquitas.Miramar.AleMercadoFoto ALE4562

C'mon, Tom... GT melts the cheese


NoSkateNoFood Eh Park DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Stand near the kitchen, you get fed


P Stone Tattoo EhPark DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Stand near a tattoo gun, it's gunna hurt


GrantTaylor Ollie BuenosAires DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Big real estate. GT shoppin' for shovels


CoryKennedy FSOllie Miramar DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Rafters FSO out of Miramar. This shit was probably to truck. He's like that


FernandoBramsmark FsStalefish Miramar DiegoBucchieri HiRes

From the Darkness will come light. Sail on, Staler


fernando 5050

"Pull over." Darkness on the edge of town. Kinda sketchy


GrantTaylor FsFlip MarDelPlata DiegoBucchieri HiRes

Street juker, GT frontside flips a random bump

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