EMB 30 Year Reunion

Last Saturday, September 19th, the EMB Reunion BBQ went down at what was once the epicenter of modern street skating: Justin Herman Plaza. I see and hear the word “legend” thrown around all too casually these days. Especially in skateboard circles. I’ll refrain from using that term, but I will say that there were plenty of reasons why you skate the way skate walking around that day. There were way too many scenes and eras that were influential and helped shape skateboarding to say that one was more important than the other. But you’d be hard pressed to deny EMB their rightful place as one of the most influential ones. Beyond even the skating, some of us went on to start our own companies that are still relevant and influencing a newer generation of skaters today. I don’t think any of us would’ve had even the faintest idea where skateboarding would take us. But we did know that we had a bond that would last us the rest of our lives. And just to clarify, Embarcadero was the spot, EMB was the crew. And if you were down with the crew, you were down for life. —Jon Constantino


Photos: Joe Brook

EMB 30 Year ReunionGreg Carroll, Mike Carroll aka Nerd, James Kelch aka Big Dirt, and Karl Watson

Rick Ibaseta and Justin Girard aka Bushwick

MC the King in his court

Henry Sanchez, Casey Benson, Karl Watson, Mike Carroll, Chico Brenes

Arco having a Warriors moment. "Can you dig it"

Henry Sanchez, Karl Watson, Gerry Smith aka Geez, Adam Schneider, Mike Cao aka Wing Ding

Mad Circle reunion Mike Cao and Justin Girard

Daly City's Finest Greg Carroll, Danny Alvarez, Mike Carroll

Chef Pierre and Big Dirty

Jer Kreselmeyer, Sam Smyth, and Cody WIlkins

Arco's ready to party

Major Insta bump in effect for EMB's 30 year Anniversary. 

Shelby Woods aka Beet Farmer, Chico, The Swiss Miss Smyth, Casey, Kelch, Carroll, Al, Rachel aka Oh Boo, and Lee Smith aka Puma


Casey,Chef Pierre,Shelby Woods

Cheeks and Sanch

EMB Finest's scoping out the T Dogs.

JakeVogelLee Smith, Shelby Woods, Ben Sanchez, Gerry Smith, AL, Thorin, Shamil Randale, Maurice Key, Sam Smyth, Jake Vogel, and Jer Kreselmeyer


EMB's OG mixed in with everyone that came out to celebrate 30 years of EMB.

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