Etnies "Album" Premiere Photos

The Downtown Independent was the site for the premiere of Etnies' Album, a full-length video showcasing the past four years of the Etnies team's triumphs and their worldly travels. Skateboarding’s elite arrived for the early VIP showing at 6pm, then there were two more showings in order to appease the masses. Album started off with the technical perfection of Trevor McClung and ended with Chris Joslin dropping hammers all over the globe. In between, the rest of the guys (and gal) showed what a talented and diverse squad Etnies has assembled—from OG Ryan Sheckler to their latest addition Samarria Brevard, everyone came through with solid parts. This one's definitely gonna need multiple spins on the turntable. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxThe Downtown Independent in the heart of little Tokyo, DTLA

02 750pxTum Yeto master lensman Don Luong and the elusive Trevor Colden! Oh yeah, and that’s Ricky “The Dude” Bedenbaugh behind them

03 750pxEtnies team manager Jameson DeCew making sure the guest list is in order

04 750pxDevin Lopez and Chris Joslin—these two stack clips every single day. Joslin’s part was absolutely amazing. It's got the huge drops you’ve come to expect but it also shows how well rounded Chris is. He skates it all!

05 750pxAidan Campbell got the Contents spread of the new mag. Sheckler got the stretcher

06 750pxShecks and David Reyes share a part in Album

07 750pxTrevor's parents are stoked on the new mag

08 750pxTrent, Trevor and Taylor, the McClung bros

09 750pxEmerica’s Bucky Gonzales enjoying some free beer courtesy of Lagunitas

10 750pxDaniel Vargas welcoming a smooch from Ryan Lay

11 750pxMatt Berger’s also got an interview in the new mag. Making Kamloops proud!

12 750pxEmerica bros Jeff Henderson, Heath Kirchart, Bucky Gonzales and Noel Paris

13 750pxAidan Campbell with Sole Tec owners Don Brown and Pierre Andre

14 750pxErnie Torres got stopped by Kevin Marks for the Lookback Library. Covers, baby

15 750pxAdd July '04 to the signed archives

16 750pxJamie Tancowny says it’s time to head inside

17 750pxSeats are filling up fast!

18 750pxLance Mountain and Alfonso Rawls, two of skateboarding’s elite

19 750pxIt’s showtime!

20 750pxAlec Majerus was blown away

21 750pxBack outside, the crowd for the second showing was patiently waiting

22 750pxTommy Sandoval and Azaf drove up from Chula

23 750pxSamarria Brevard’s part got the entire theater screaming

24 750pxThe men behind the sound and visuals: Ryan Sherman, Noel Paris and Mike Manzoori. Ryan and Mike, along with Jameson DeCew, filmed most of the video and Noel recruited a cast of all-star musicians to create an original score for Album

25 750pxPlan B surprised Trevor McClung with a pro model earlier that day. Congrats, Trevor! Welcome to the pro ranks

26 750pxBarney Page traveled all the way from the UK and that made Sole Tec photog Kyle Seidler very happy

27 750pxTrevor McClung and a fist-bumping fan

28 750pxThe after party. Jameson knows that if you got the drink tickets, you got friends

29 750pxRyan Sheman and Nick Garcia. Well done, guys

30 750pxMike Manzoori with a couple of well-deserved beers. Cheers to a job well done! Album will be available May 1st on DVD and iTunes

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