"Exposure 2019" Photos

The eighth annual Exposure Open brought women from around the world not just to compete, but to support one another. Across ages and places, Exposure highlights the friendship that skateboarding fosters, and the incredible positivity that women’s skateboarding enables. Fans and peers got to watch and skate alongside their favorite skaters, like Samarria Brevard, Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellos, Vanessa Torres, Allysha Le, Brighton Zeuner, and more. Thanks Exposure, we’ll see you again next year!

Exposure1 750pxFriends and fans made signs throughout the day to keep up the stoke

Exposure2 750pxPosters aren’t the only way to throw signs

Exposure3 750pxPlenty of props to go around

Exposure4 750pxReagan Chandler showing off her candy pop style

Exposure5 750pxNew Yorker Mame Bonsu repped the East Coast

Exposure6 750pxHosoi and Cara-Beth Burnside took a break in between contests

Exposure7 750pxThe crowd built up for the vert finals

Exposure8 750pxThere was incredible positivity throughout the day

Exposure9 750pxAnd there were PUPPIES!

Exposure10 750pxArianna Carmona, Bryce Wettstein, and Sarah Thompson posed before crushing the Open Park 15-29 finals

Exposure11 750pxLizzie Armanto was all smiles on the vert ramp

Exposure12 750pxThe ramp was stacked with spectators for the Vert Finals (hey Nora!)

Exposure13 750pxRuby Trew getting centered before her Vert finals run

Exposure14 750pxThe best part of Exposure is the signs!

Exposure15 750pxBrighton Zeuner

Exposure16 750pxSuperfans brought the energy up before Nicole Hause’s vert run

Exposure17 750pxNicole Hause plotting her run during Vert Finals

Exposure18 750pxTen-year-old Ruby Trew took home $5000 for a McTwist over the channel

Exposure19 750pxRuby’s trick amped up the crowd

Exposure20 750pxThe crowd was all cheers and smiles for Ruby Trew

Exposure21 750pxA pat on the back? With a helmet you deserve a pat on the head

Exposure22 750pxAllysha Le was wowed by the other vert skaters

Exposure23 750pxReactions to the longest grind

Exposure24 750pxBryce Wettstein tried her hand (her foot?) at the longest grind contest

Exposure25 750pxIt’s not easy being steezy

Exposure26 750pxBryce Wettstein and Brighton Zeuner

Exposure27 750pxSkate shoes!

Exposure28 750pxLong hair don’t care

Exposure29 750pxThere’s always time for photos with fans

Exposure30 750pxShredders Savannah Irvin, Paige Heyn, Lilly Erickson, Briel Weingartner, and Mia Lovell

Exposure31 750pxQuinne Daniels and her griptape art

Exposure32 750pxGreat times were had by all

Exposure33 750pxVanessa Torres and Alex White take being serious very seriously

Exposure34 750pxThe illustrious judges of the day: Vanessa Torres, James Craig, and Alex White

Exposure35 750pxSamarria was there!

Exposure36 750pxThe aftermath of a successful first drop in to the deep end

Exposure37 750pxSavannah Irvin taking a break

Exposure38 750pxAll cheers for the last contest of the day: 15 and up street

Exposure39 750pxHi Vanessa!

Exposure40 750pxHomies helping homies

Exposure41 750pxSamarria may not have landed her tre flip, but she landed it in our hearts

Exposure42 750pxMargielyn Arda Didal had her mind blown by Samarria Brevard

Exposure43 750pxEven after dark the crowd stuck around to watch Samarria skate

Exposure44 750pxSamarria + sunset = magic

Exposure45 750pxAt the request of the crowd Bryce Wettstein gave a speech praising her fellow skaters

Exposure46 750pxMargielyn Arda Didal walked away from the contest with $10,000. Not a bad way to end the day!

Exposure47 750pxA Nicole Hause check sandwich––because what’s better than one giant check but TWO giant checks?!
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