Gavin Nolan's "Ivy League" Photos



Boston, New York, '90s hip hop, camo pants, spot selection and tech-wizardry. Gavin Nolan’s new part is about as East Coast as you’re gonna get. Here are some pics from the making of ZOO YORK’s Ivy League


Words and photos: Sean Cronan


Gavin Nolan Kickflip2 CRONAN Y8C1985Gavin gets a quick kickflip as the sun sets smack in the middle of hipster paradise in Brooklyn before getting kicked out by the shopkeeper. 

Gavin Nolan Backlip2 Y8C9057 CRONAN

It’s probably safe to say that Eggs is Gavin’s all time favorite spot. Now that Boston opened the skatepark right across the water, Gavin’s biggest fear is that the cops will make skating at Eggs next to impossible.


Gavin Nolan FrontBoard CRONAN

Front board


Gavin Nolan Backsmith Boston CRONAN

The northeast is known for erratic weather, and this day was no exception. It must have rained four separate times while we were skating around. Gavin gets a back Smith in between rain showers. 


Gavin Nolan Frontnose CRONAN

This is one of those spots that you pass by everyday and never take a second look at. While waiting to meet up with some of the crew this morning Gavin caught a quick front noseslide.

Gavin Nolan VarialHeel CRONANVarial heel, Boston