Go For The Gold: Olympic Skateboarding

Like many skaters, we have mixed feelings about skateboarding appearing in the next Olympics. And by mixed feelings we mean disgust combined with a headache. Here are some suggestions to spice things up.


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  • Skating in the Olympics: The Skaters’ Perspective

    Skating in the Olympics: The Skaters’ Perspective
    We’ve cracked jokes about skating appearing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but now we asked a bunch of veteran pros, ripping legends, and young bloods alike what they thought. Their answers are all over the spectrum and each one is worth considering.
  • Olympic Skateboarding Uniforms?

    Olympic Skateboarding Uniforms?
    With skateboarding now in the Olympics, there are a lot of devils in the details. For instance, what will the skaters be forced to wear? Here’s a look at some possibilities. Submit your own idea and win a Thrasher package.