GX1000 Premiere Photos

The world premiere of “The GX1000 Video” went off last night at The Chapel in San Francisco. Call us biased, but it’s one of the best videos you’ll ever see. Nothing but raw Skate and Destroy street shredding. Thank you to everyone that made it out for the celebration. 





GX generation



Skate Liners 



Lakai or die



Lee Berman and Brian Delatorre



Hustle and High Speed



Sciano, Howard, and Alvarez






Ryen Motzek and Tony Manfre



Leica bros



PLAboys: Miika, Jesse, and Alex



Yonnie Cruz, Al Davis, and their home girl





Flaco aka Stevie Perez and his lady—LA up in here


 DSC1443Justine, Al, and Erica


The crowd going dumb



Antwuan on one



Twan feelin' the Bay



Full house ready


 DSC1492Insta moments for days


 DSC1518TV and GX

 DSC1515Gary going

 DSC1525Probably not a Zumba class

 DSC1536Manchild and GX

 DSC1542Habitat represent: Dela and Davis

 DSC1557Vogue moment


 DSC1584Cheers to the GX crew

 DSC1613You know you done good when you get that Erica hug

 DSC1614Rye Beres, Rick Howard, and Daniel Wheatley



EMB in the house: Sam Smyth and Gary Geez



Neckface and Carroll



Andy and the boys



Peace out
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  • Buy The GX1000 Video

    Buy The GX1000 Video
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    GX1000 New York Premiere Photos
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