Halloween Hellbomb 2019 Photos

The past two years we’ve tried to do this event and it’s always been a huge toss-up seeing as how we’ve never gotten a permit from the city. The event has always been something that was advertised the day of because we knew if cops caught wind of it early enough, the whole thing would be shut down before it even got started. This year, the idea of pulling a permit was put out pretty early, but was quickly denied by the city of Long Beach. We were originally told that everyone on site would be arrested immediately if we barged it. Once we went back to the drawing board, Gavin Denike was able to sweet talk the city (with the help of Bronson’s legal team, of course) and after a few emails and a formal meeting, they were fully onboard. To make it even bigger than last year, Vans helped us recruit the Hager bros to build a few new ramps, Happy Hour donated a car for us to skate and we were able to give out cash prizes for best tricks, best costume, MVP and singles for slams. Not to mention product to toss out from Bronson, Independent, Vans, Happy Hour, Creature, OJ, and Mob. Once word got out that it was a go, skaters and Halloween enthusiast alike made their way out to the Cherry Park Hill in their best costumes to see what mayhem would unfold. More heads showed up than we ever thought would be possible when we originally did it two years back, and the city looks like they’re down to keep it going. Who’s coming next year? —Alex Papke

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 1 750pxOne less thing to worry about when the Jakes are on your side

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 2 750pxMerlino, always the first one down the hill

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 3 750pxIf Van Doren was here our banner would be looking a whole lot better

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 4 750pxThe Hager bros were kind enough to make ramps for us, banging them out two hours before the event

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 5 750pxThe only catch? They told us they had a secret obstacle in mind but wouldn’t give us any hints

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 6 750pxA ledge on the back of the Happy Hour car? Sure!

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 7 750pxFake checks, the hottest amenity for a skate contest in 2019

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 8 750pxBetween the Vans kicker, the wedge-ramp gap, hectic flatbar and Happy Hour car, things were looking good

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 9 750pxBlake on the scene, always ready to glow up

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 10 750pxFirst thing’s first for Shealy. Woop, woop

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 11 750pxA couple of the minds behind the Hellbomb madness, Gavin Denike and Bobby Bils, crossing fingers that people actually show up this time around

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 12 750pxTyson and Cody, long time Hellbombers, came correct with the jambox and face paint

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 13 750pxYour favorite SOTY Jason Voorhees-Walker and Juggalo Salk know how to do Halloween right

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 14 750pxBros on bros. We’ll let the no costume slide this year, Dakota

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 15 750pxFake checks weren’t that fake after all. Singles going out all day with cash prizes for best trick on each obstacle, best costume, and MVP

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 16 750pxMC Kyle Walsh held it down and kept it taped off ’til everyone got the official go-ahead

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 17 750pxEasier said than done

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 18 750pxTwenty bucks for whoever makes it down the hill first. Who wants it?

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 19 750pxTrust me, everyone wanted that cash

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 20 750pxAnd they’re off!

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 21 750pxYou know someone’s gotta go down on the first rip

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 22 750pxOnlookers didn’t know what they were getting themselves into

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 23 750pxEven Tyson was blown away

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 24 750pxNo cash for the dudes on bikes, that’s for sure

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 25 750pxRhino was all smiles when he heard about Blake’s after-party rave

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 26 750pxIf this doesn’t make his daughters pick up a board, I don’t know what will

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 27 750pxAn extra push never hurt no one

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 28 750pxSingles down—get there while you can!

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 29 750pxFirst challenge was the flatbar. The kink at the end definitely added a little bit of spice

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 30 750pxKanaan Dern took it full speed every time

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 31 750pxThere were close calls

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 32 750pxAnd then some really close calls.

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 33 750pxBut somehow they always made it out alive

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 34 750pxWell, maybe not always

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 35 750pxMerlino, adding a few inches to that waistline

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 36 750pxAlright, lets get this thing out of here

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 37 750pxCold Dawg and Steves wouldn’t miss a Hellbomb

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 38 750pxLooking for a role model? Don’t look to Erica

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 39 750pxEveryones favorite—the wedge-ramp gap

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 40 750pxStart it off at one Ricky Bobby long

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 41 750pxOn paper it was looking pretty easy

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 42 750pxBut when it came down to it…

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 43 750pxGoing full speed at a wedge-ramp gap with people in front of you and behind you can get bad

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 44 750pxReally bad

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 45 750pxStretching it out 18.5 feet, K-Walks came correct for the crowd

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 46 750pxA helmet won’t save you here. Let’s leave this one for the SOTY, kid

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 47 750pxHad to get the Happy Hour car towed to the hill, seeing as how it doesn’t run. But with some hype from the crowd, we got things going in no time

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 48 750pxThe crowd had no idea what was about to happen

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 49 750pxRoman went frontside to get things started. Child’s Play for him….

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 50 750pxFifty shades on Gray with his classic board switch up.

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 51 750pxRaver Rick had to bust out the front 3

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 52 750pxJoker wasn’t slowing down one bit. Backside blunt on the Hager bros mystery obstacle

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 53 750pxRoman getting Blake’s back, this time backside

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 54 750pxK-Walks, no stranger to the benihana

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 55 750pxNo joking around for Christian Henry, breaking in the windshield with a front lip

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 56 750pxNot everyone got so lucky

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 57 750pxAnd as the day went on, the slams didn’t slow down

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 58 750pxEspecially when you clip rolling up the kicker. You okay?

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 59 750pxThe crowd kept the hype going

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 60 750pxWhen in doubt, tweak ‘er out

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 61 750pxWe couldn’t find any Faygo in Long Beach but Reese found this crook

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 62 750pxSix feet down, straight to the tailbone

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 63 750pxDecenzo took off the mask and kept ‘em coming, this time frontside blunting on the windshield

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 64 750pxBest view in the house

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 65 750pxWalsh had some other ideas for the car—spin her around to bring out the real psychopaths

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 66 750pxDefinitely not easy to get the car turned around with this size of a crowd

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 67 750pxThe windshield didn’t stand a chance. Sorry, Happy Hour!

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 68 750pxRoman stretched it out with an ollie

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 69 750pxBut the Joker hadn’t had enough

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 70 750pxAs if ollie wasn’t enough, Kanaan took it to the next level with a hefty front 180. Talk about setting sail!

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 71 750pxThe crowd had enough

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 72 750pxJust in time for a good ol’ fashion product toss

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 73 750pxCan’t forget about those giant checks

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 74 750pxBest trick on the steps? You know K-Walks got it like that

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 75 750pxOnce you see the slams Kanaan took on the flatbar you’ll know why he took gold on the rail. $666,000 ain’t a bad purse

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 76 750pxOf course we had to give 50 shades on Gray best costume

HELLBOMB19 photoPAPKE 77 750pxNot only did he come up on the rail champ, but Kanaan walked away MVP for the day. That’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who came out for the day. Not to mention a big thank you to Bronson, Independent, Vans, Creature, Happy Hour, and OJ for helping make it possible. See you freaks next year!
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