Independent's "Scabs for Slabs" Premiere Photos

The Thrasher x Independent Scabs for Slabs mission to Australia was one of the heaviest trips in all of ‘boarding. With a crew handpicked by Jake himself—consisting of some of the gnarliest riders alive—you know that miles of concrete got ground to dust and countless beers were pounded into submission. Surely you’ve seen the article in the mag, but we thought the photos deserved to be viewed even larger, so a premiere party was set up at Volcom’s HQ in Costa Mesa with an accompanying photo show. Mix in some raging bands, free beer and pizza and you’ve got a recipe for a raging night. If you missed out, consider yourself bummed. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxVolcom HQ in Costa Mesa, CA—the indoor park was free for all to skate

02 750pxNic Rivera back crails before the lines for pizza and beer filled the space

03 750pxJesse Flores, drifter to fakie over the Stone doorway. Trip on that

04 750pxIndy TM Rhino arrives with the Griz and Milton Martinez. Smooch the pooch

05 750pxFreshly knighted Emerica TM Tim Cisilino and his new boss Don Brown

06 750pxPedro Delfino and Doughnut. Happy 24th birthday, Pedro

07 750pxD-Vargs and Austin Leleu double up on some free beers. GTWYC

08 750pxRhino's photos from the Thrasher article were printed huge, then hung along the wall so you could check them out while waiting for your free grub and booze

09 750pxLance Mountain and Dan Rogers stare in amazement at Grant Taylor’s channel ollie

10 750pxIt’s a tossup for who has got more crooked teeth—Thrasher’s masterlensman Ewan Bowman or the Griz. Ewan filmed and edited the Scabs for Slabs video so you know it’s gonna be great

11 750pXDan and Lance forgot to bring a dog but they found a cardboard cutout of GT’s dog Ozzy. That’ll do in a pinch

12 750pxRemy Stratton warmed up the stage with a solo performance—just a man, a guitar and some stories set to music

13 750pxThen Rhino and Ewan introduced the Scabs for Slabs video, dedicated to the memory of Jake Phelps

14 750pxTyson Peterson’s reaction says it all—this video rules!

15 750pxSomehow Omar Hassan cracked the code and got the Volcom Instagram password. Then he got the entire crowd’s Insta handles and tagged everyone in the photo. Maniac mode

16 750pxNext up, Pharlee took the stage. That’s Figgy on guitar and Macarena Rivera screaming on vocals

17 750pxKickin’ out the jams

18 750pxMosh pit formations

19 750pxBig Fig shredding

20 750px 2xMacarena belting

21 750pxAnd that’s a wrap for Pharlee

22 750pxEvan Smith and Tyson Peterson, always fired up

23 750pxOutside, Daf Noah, Kevin Bækkel, Truman Hooker and Gavin Denike—NHS represent!

24 750pxGavin got a Scabs for Slabs tattoo on the trip drawn by Grant Taylor and inked by Russell Grundy. D4L

25 750pxBack inside, Zig Zags were rocking the stage

26 750pxReally rockin’

27 750pxDaron Nichols prepares to charge the pit…

28 750px…and the stage

29 750pxAlthough the show was coming to an end, Zig Zags were showing no signs of slowing down. Bombs away!

30 750pxThe pit wasn’t ready to quit either but, alas, it was time to go

31 750pxOutside in the parking lot, the last ones lurking before the drive back to San Diego—Tyler Surrey and Wes Kremer. Thanks to Volcom for hosting, Thrasher, Independent, Pizzanista, New Belgium Brewing, Pharlee, Zig Zags and Remy Stratton for making one hell of a party happen! This one’s for you, Jake!
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