Jaakko Pro Party Photos

Jaakko is now pro and nobody is surprised about it. One of the most resourceful wizards to ever set foot on a skateboard is finally getting a board with his name on it. Element threw a surprise party in Barcelona, also premiering a short video filmed entirely on two short trips. Most of the Element team was there to show their support and to party with this Finnish prodigy. The night was long and rivers of booze flowed while some of the most important European legends came to pay tribute to one of their own. When the party was over, the night kept going until the early hours of the morning. Yes, Jaakko is now officially a professional skateboarder. But in our minds, he always has been. And if you’ve ever seen him skate in person then you know he’s in a league of his own, treading where only a few enlightened beings will ever set foot. —Gaston Francisco

1 crowd watching video 750pxSkaters from the most varied edges of the world congregated in Barcelona to watch an Element video with a surprise Jaakko Ojanen part

2 Jaakko watching video 750pxOf course Jaakko was amongst them, accompanied by Sascha Daley

3 Jaakko team champagne 750pxJaakko´s part was a surprise, ending with his first pro model given to him by his teammates under a champagne shower

4 Jaakko board Nassim Phil 750pxNassim Guammaz and Phil Zwijsen were as psyched as he was

5 Jaakko Champagne drinking 750pxJaakko, living the moment

6 Jaakko with board 750pxAs happy as he’s ever been seen

7 Board flying 750pxThe ol’ board toss could not be left out of such a moment

8 Jaakko Fred 750pxJaakko and French Fred


9 Roberto Aleman Gabeeb 750pxGabeeb and Roberto Aleman—Cheers!

10 Fernando Danny Ray Diego 750pxArtist Fernando Elvira surrounded by some OGs: Diego Bucchieri, Ray Barbee and Danny Wainwright


11 Andy Jenkins Niki Walt 750pxLegendary skateboard artist Andy Jenkins with filmmaker Niki Walt. Time for some refills, boys

12 Madars Thiago 750pxTiago and Madars, definitely hyped


13 Winkle 750pxWinkle could not miss the event. Quite cheeky

14 Sour Crew 750pxSour Solution rippers Gustav Tønnesen, Simon Isaksson and Barney Page

15 Jack Gaston 750pxJack and Gaston find themselves on the other side of the lens

16 Flo Luy Pa 750pxLordz was in the house—Flo Marfaing and Luy Pa Sin

17 Boards 750pxSascha´s model still hanging. One of Jaakko´s had already gotten stolen

18 Jaakkos board 750pxElement boards designed by Fernando Elvira and Fred Mortagne

19 Begona Luisa 750pxEuropean skate legends Louisa Menke and Begoña Cortes. Shoulda worn that purple shirt after all…

20 Mathias Torres 750pxMathias Torres loves double fisting

21 Russian girls 750pxThese Russian ladies did not want to miss the event

22 Macba 750pxObviously the event took place at MACBA

23 Poop boys 750px“The Poop Boyz,” Barney Page and Nick Garcia feeling proud

24 Josef 750pxJosef Scott Jatta got hot and decided to cool off

25 Thug Life 750pxMACBA locals couldn´t miss the appointment. Congrats again, Jaakko!


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