Mofo's 60th Birthday Bash Photos

A SEMI-OFFICIAL SKATE ROCK WEEKEND KICKED OFF IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA as people came from all over the country to celebrate Mofo’s 60th birthday on Friday night and to witness the Faction’s last show on Saturday. Inside the venue, the scene was set as about 60 of Mo’s iconic "Mofotography" prints adorned the walls. Gonz’s 1987 cover shot from Pedro? Check! Hosoi’s lofty method air at Del Mar? Yep. Those classic shots, along with many more, got everyone stoked as they grabbed a drink and checked out the bands. Bryce Kanights got the ender by playing bass on Drunk Injuns' “Treasure of Mankind,” a song he wrote with the band. Between Mo, BK and Matt Etheridge, there were at least 30 years of Thrasher employees on stage. The roots run deep!

Words and photos by Mark Waters

1 Clay Wheels 1 1500pxStraight to it, Jonny, Eric and Ray of the Clay Wheels sparked the first set. Ray also plays in Drunk Injuns, Los Olvidados and the Faction—plenty of Skate, emphasis on Rock!

2 JFA Duncan intro 1500pxFIXDave Duncan flew straight from Japan to Oakland to introduce JFA. Make America Skate Again

3 JFA 1 1500pxBrian Brannon did a few years at helm of the Bible's music department and is coming up on 40 at the helm of JFA. Not a bad resumé for a punk

4 Drunk Injuns 1 1500pxThe Skate Rock snowballs. You kids remember Bobier's song in Misled Youth, don't you? That's these guys—Drunk Injuns

5 Drunk Injuns 2 1500pxAnd they don’t just look heavy. They are heavy!

6 Drunk Injuns 3 1500pxFIXSitting Duck of Drunk Injuns used to pack and ship your Thrasher mail order products. Might as well still ask him for a hoodie if you see him around

As some nursed hangovers, the skaters still had to hit the weekend spots the next day, heading to Newark, Fremont or downtown SJ. I’m sure they were everywhere. But as evening set, everyone was back in San Jose at Corey O’Brien’s Ritz Bar, preparing for another Skate Rock extravaganza. JFA rocked it again, and somehow still didn’t play “The Day Walt Disney Died.” It was not just a completely awesome surprise, but also very fitting that Los O' came out for a short set that night. To no surprise, of course they tore it down. The Faction may have gotten known in the early days because Steve Caballero played bass in the band, but any early rumblings about that being the reason for them getting attention were quickly and thoroughly stomped on by the plain and simple fact that they were raw and skilled musicians in their own right. Although Stevie and Adam told a couple quick stories, the evening didn’t get overly sappy or sentimental. These guys rocked for 38 years, they put out some great records we can all still enjoy and they never got stale. I was lucky to be there.

7 Boob 1 1500pxFIXBeerRunBrent covers the side while four ripping skaters handle center stage

8 JFA 2 1500pxJFA keeping it youthful on their second set

9 JFA 3 1500pxYes, that is Chef Pierre front and center with JFA. How'd you know?

10 Los O 1 1500pxThe beginning of the end of the night, Los Olvidados had to play a few for the Faction’s last show

12 Faction 2 1500pxRay running a marathon by rocking with the Faction and half the bands on the ticket

13 Faction 3 1500pxCab's rhythms alone couldn't keep The Faction afloat for all these years, but they've certainly helped

14 Faction 4 1500pxAdam Bomb flying the Skate Rock flag one last time

15 Faction 5 1500pxCab cranks a few chords for the Lord

16 Faction 1 1500pxOne last band photo: The Faction, everybody

17 Fans Chris Shary and Chef PIerre 1500pxPunk art icon Chris Shary with Chef Pierre and some kickass tats

18 Mofo by DD 1500pxBirthday Man Mofo ain't fuckin' around. Dave Duncan got the photo just to make sure we didn't forget

19 Fans Todd and Mike 1500pxTodd Ferrera and Mike Crabtree of BMC took advantage of the libation situation

20 Fans Ray and Denice 1500pxLongtime SJ locs, Denice Vaughn and Ray Stevens II came through on and off the stage

21 Fans MW Bryce Mo Ray Duncan Brannon 1500pxAfter the skaters and punks had their fun, there was only one more thing to do—group photo! We couldn't find 'em all but here are some of people who made this night and this scene such a success for decades on end: Waters, Bryce, the man of the hour Morizen Foche, Ray of the Uptown, Double D and, of course, Thrasher Alum Brian Brannon

Thank you to all the life-long skater punks who made it such an exciting weekend. And of course, I hope all skaters join in on wishing our dear friend Mofo a happy 60th birthday!
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