Burnout: Waffle 50

Vans celebrates a half century of skate shoe excellence with the first stop of a worldwide tour – NYC. You guys party?


1We flew in. They accidentally gave Dave the penthouse. 

2Not that we minded much. 

3Like a couple of sleeping babes. Night night. 

4Next morning, awash in classy urbanity. 

5Cody Green – king of the jungle

6Oh, hey Gil …

7Out front, Jamie got the rental upgrade.

8Can't keep Rowan away from that Puleo shit. When in Rome, I guess. 

9Now that's a look. 

10Pushing through city the streets, just like in all the look books!

13She knows what I'm talking about. 

15Meet 'n' greet at KCDC. 

16Nice to be back. 

17Pretty heavy lineup out here. 

18Grossman marks wood. 

19'Nah bro, I never had the holes, but I had hair extensions out to here!'

20Baker, baker!

21'C'mon, really?' 

22Makes my heart proud. 

23Crockett, in the cuts. 

24Meeting of the fashion-forward minds. I'd love to know what pants those two are scheming on.

25Hosoi, Fletcher, HEAVY. 

26Lil' Mothra for your wall. 

27Like getting Abraham Lincoln to sign your shit. This is a special time we're in. 

28Vans made custom boards with special autograph slots for the legends. 

29Posse shot. Wouldn't be the last. 

30Fifty percent eye contact! I'll take it!

31New gen, already busting. 

33Air talk. 

34Wait. Does this mean the ban is lifted???

35Later, at the House of Vans. 

36Nas parking lot. Stretched down the block.

37Good looking young people, everywhere. 

38End of the line. 

39Don't worry. Ya'll'll get in. 

40'Can I take your photo?'

41Better hydrate!

42He had me shoot one more to show his shoes. 

43The ladies. The ladies. 


45These guys had some beverage subterfuge going. 

46I think I cracked the code!

47Now here's some Nas excitement!

48That's more like it!

49Getting chilly. Storms a brewin. 

50On trend!


52Bring a date, if you got one. 

53Finally back up front, Kathy and Todd runnin' tings. 

54Staking out the VIP line. 

55Then it started to pour. Felt sorry for all those people in line. Then again, nobody said hip-hop was gonna be easy. 

56I was in!

57The Big Cheese, always on grill duty.

58The VIP zone, which I would never leave again. 

59I feel like I've seen this pose before. 


61Ah yes, from the tub. 

62A trip down Vans memory lane. Trip out on how high the original Cabs were. 

63Those Carabeth 2's tho …

64Levels of comfort and padding never to return. RIP. 

65This is me fuckin' up someone's group shot. 

66Heavy roster, gotta admit. 

67Jamie's definitely got his work cut out for him. 

68SOTY sighting!

69Grosso, the meatball in a Serra-wich.

70While Rachel gets the Fredrickson squeeze. 

71Rizzo, Grosso, awesome. 

72Ferguson bros, holding it down for Oz. 

73Masterlensman Ryan Lovell had his talented hands full. 

74Though not always in ways he might prefer. 

75That's more like it!

76For some reason I doubt they do this when Atiba points the camera at them. 

77Old Guy's Rule!

78Frank, Gil and a startlingly modest dinner. 

79Lucky-ass jacket. 

80Guess which guy is the pro surfer. 

81The Cranstons, night on the town. 

82How sweet it is!

83Cody and Omar are going there. 

84You can either join them or die!!!

85Yeasayer, rocking' steady. Jordy shot all the stage photos!

86And then …. Nas!

87Crowd, totally wild. 

90Gotta be the shoes. 

91This whole thing was to celebrate 50 years of Vans, you know of course. 

92Is that a cake?

93Ask a stupid question …

94Who doesn't like cake?

97Hosoi, selfie game unrivaled. 

98Pretty awesome when you think about it. 

100Thanks for everything Vans! 

101Fifty more will be here before we know it.