NHS' "Please Don't Grab My Boob!" Premiere Photos

There's no better way to start off a double-feature video premiere than with a skate session and product toss at the Vans skatepark in Orange, CA, especially when you got free pizza courtesy of Pizzanista! With a list of skaters from different brands out of the NHS camp—including some of the rippers featured in the videos—the demo got heated before the crowd headed over to The Good Bar for the screenings. The double feature included Please Don't Grab My Boob!, the first all-girls skate tour, and a bonus vid: Mud Sweat 'n' Beers, which will be up on this site in a few short weeks. The Good Bar was jam packed, the beers were flowing and the ladies showed they can hold their own! Let's hear it for the girls! —Rhino

1 750pxRyan Townley got things started with a 360 flip over the barrier

2 750pxAllysha Le carb loading before puting down some hot moves

3 750pxCombi Pool killers Lance and Borden

4 750pxRail chomper Cole Wilson is not afraid of the Combi, locked-in Smith grind

5 750pxSamarria Brevard backs him up on the street course with a Smithers down the rail

6 750pxPizzanista and color coordinating your hat and cup, Clive Dixon knows how to do it

7 750pxDylan Witkin sails a lien air in the square bowl

8 750pxMaurio McCoy, kickflip noseblunt

9 750pxYou should see Nora slay the mini ramp, stylish Smith

10 750pxAllysha, tuck knee over the channel

11 750pxDaniel Vargas strong arming the pool-coping extension

12 750pxBack over to the round bowl, Dylan frontside inverts

13 750pxThe product toss was gnar! Check the girl with rollerskates getting taken out in front

14 750pxQuick little drive over to The Good Bar in Long Beach

15 750pxHotshots: Nicole, Allysha and Nora. Balloons at the premier? Tight!

16 750pxJimmy Chadwick and NHS’s Jeff Kendall, who came up with the all-girls' skate trip concept and helped make it happen

17 750pxGators represent! Ish Cepeda and Thrasher’s Joe Hammeke

18 750pxDrink tickets for the boys

19 750pxKOTR alumni

20 750pxNick Garcia and Cole Wilson, lovely locks

21 750pxBlake Carpenter and Sierra were hyped to see the ladies rip

22 750pxServold, Townley and Terrace skateshop owner Andrew Matthias

23 750pxCole and Jaws’ personal filmer, Cody Long (Beach)

24 750pxMaurio McCoy and the ever elusive Erick Winkowski

25 750pxNora letting the crowd know there will be, “No boob grabbing! Just sit back and get ready to watch the ladies shred”

26 750pxThe best thing about hanging prints from the two trips is letting people grab them off the wall. Here's to epic missions and one helluva night! Can't wait for the next one…
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