RDS's "Enter the Red Dragon" Premiere Photos

The Red Dragons gathered for the premiere of their new video in Vancouver. Check out some photos from Chase Hamilton here.

1 MacLeod Photo

The line up for the video quickly grew down the street as everyone showed up for the premiere. A huge thanks to Vancouver for filling up the theatre and for brining the hype! Photo: MacLeod

2 MacLeod Photo

Moses sharing a few laughs with the crowd before the curtains opened and the video popped off! Photo: MacLeod
1 Hamilton Photo

Red Dragons Micky Papa, Scott DeCenzo, Alex Morin, Ryan DeCenzo and TJ Rogers kicking it outside of The Rio Theatre before the video. Yes… Alex is stoned AF.

2 Hamilton Photo

Itkonen Clan in the building! Moses and his boys making their way through the lobby.

3 Hamilton Photo

OG Red Dragons Rob “Sluggo" Boyce and Syd Clark throwing up The Claw!

5 Hamilton Photo

The Homie Trev showing off his RDS Tatt.

7 Hamilton Photo

When Ryan DeCenzo getting ready to FSU with triple drinks in hand!

8 Hamilton PhotoAlthough TJ was puking all over his hotel room earlier in the day he still kept partying with a smile on his face!

9 HamiltonTons of Old School RDS Fans came out to support the new generation of Red Dragons. RDS\FSU\2002 lives on!

10 Hamilton PhotoCanadian Industry heads unite!

11 Hamilton PhotoEven though there was a long wait to get in the theatre everyone was hyped as fuck regardless.

12 Hamilton PhotoShout out to the Wolfknives Crew and Ellis Fam for coming out to watch the video before EllisMania 12!

13 Hamilton PhotoThe Rio Theatre Staff getting lit! Thanks for the hospitality guys.

14 Hamilton PhotoThe Enter The Red Dragon Premiere… Where beer flows like water.

15 Hamilton PhotoCentre Distribution warehouse warriors.

16 Hamilton PhotoMore Centre Distribution warehouse staff getting amped up for the premiere!

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