Resurrection In Ramona Photos

Words and photos: Rhino

It's been five years since the last Rumble in Ramona went down. The vert ramp got a new facelift and the session was back on. Hot rods, chicks, beer, bands, goons, and vert skating went on all day and into the night. Thanks to Jake Doomey for having everybody at his compound, Darren Navarrette and all the sponsors who helped out. See you next year? Vert is still Dead!

Navarrette ready to rumble

Not a bad spread

Senator Cranston showed up in his new car bought from Jason Jessee

Hitz and Bronson slinging some Larb goods out of the trunk

Sal Barbier showing the youngsters how to stand up

The V pipe is that way Bro!

Alden and Raney staying hydrated

The decks were maxed out


Zach Miller stale fish

Corey Juneau front invert over the channel

Sector 7

Omar Hassan opposite drift mute fake over the channel

Sam Beckett kick flip melon to fakie

Padless madman Chris Russell eggplant


Mimi Knoop frontside air

Hosoi balsting a lien air

Henry Gutierrez made it out from VA Beach, tuck knee invert

The backside of Skeleton Key MFG

Max Schaaf and Grosso

NHS crew Bob Denike, Dave Friel and Creature Lee made it own from Santa Cruz for the action

Lincoln Uyeda about to drop this backs air to tail

The lights came on. Christian rocket air

Nut Stash

Jeff Grosso standing tall on an egg plant

Hosoi, Duncan, and Grosso

The Wooly Mammoth

Josh Stafford rewind

Max high speed tail slide

Josh Borden boneless

Cody Chapman tail grab nose grinder up the extension

Grossman madonna

Navarrette sails a backside air on a classic 10 X 30 shape into the night

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