Stance x Cycle Zombies

Made it up to San Clemente for the Stance x Cycle Zombies show. With tons of bikes, vans, a helping of skating, music and free beverages, this was something I had to check out. –JT Rhoades

1 750pxA beautiful day in California for a bike and car show


2 750pxVery cool vans in the lot


3 750pxThis one was was called “Sorcerer”


4 750pxFirst familiar face I see, Mr Big Rig Fig


5 750pxA fundraiser going on inside for a fallen brother, Troy Critchlow aka Chico Moto


6 750pxA showroom of road-ready relics


7 750pxLogos out—always


8 750pxHeavy inspections goin' on


9 750pxFirst glance at the skating, Tom Remillard skidding his tail on the Cycle Zombies destroyer


10 750pxI spotted a bike pulling up I had seen before. Anyone know who it is?


11 750pxRipper, Dolan Stearns


12 750pxHe’s a real positive guy


13 750pxBack to the course, Black Label’s Jake Reuter, front feeble


14 750pxDolan with a balancing act


15 750pxTommy showing off his stylish side


16 750pxThe judging panel—or peanut gallery. You decide


17 750pxThe host, Stance’s boss man Ryan Kingman getting on the stage to inform the people


18 750pxPunk’s still alive


19 750pxThanks to 805 for keeping all the masses hoppy


20 750pxReally hoppy


21 750pxNeeded a few minutes outta the sun, so decided to check out the new digs


22 750pxThese products really turn heads


23 750pxRy-Rey and wifey Anissa stopped by. Aren’t we lucky


24 750pxCaught Tom and P-Kid catching up and reminiscing about when P was an asshole to Tom


25 750pxI heard guitar solos from across the parking lot and made my way to see who it was


26 750pxPharlee, getting our ears tuned right up


27 750pxHad to go find a place to piss. The top of the hill seemed like a great spot


28 750pxBack to see who’s ripping. Dolan checking his style in the shadow


29 750pxTommy going up


30 750pxAnd Ry-Rey battled this one for the love


31 750pxWorth it


32 750pxNeck Face is everywhere


33 750pxWarish was next on the stage—fast and loud


34 750pxRiley does it all. The Hawks don’t stop!


35 750pxHairy showed up with some friends


36 750pxA van you could make babies in!


37 750pxLegends everywhere!


38 750pxRichie Belton—do your research, kids


39 750pxThis reminds me of Fast Times at Rridgemont High


40 750pxRiley post show with his lady friend


41 750pxThe intoxication levels were rising


42 750pxHey, that’s legal now too


43 750pxDolan goes the distance!


44 750pxAnd Ryan goes home. Time for me to bounce, too. Thanks again, Kingman, Stance and Cycle Zombies for a great time!

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