P-Stone Cup 2022 Photos

The Bay Area weather was perfect for this year's Lower Bobs event dedicated to P-Stone. Austin Kanfoush, along with Raney, Santi and Julien, put in some major work repairing and prepping the park. They even built a wooden extension that became the centerpiece of the contest. Neckface, Mike Kershnar and friends of Bobs came through with a fresh coat of paint, and Fatty Mack kept the money coals hot for The Big Dog, cookin’ up burgers and brats to keep everyone fed—just like P-Stone would have wanted. And in true Preston fashion, bell peppers were abundant with everyone's favorite beverages inside them. The skateboarding going down blew minds and the crowd had to stay on their toes to avoid stray boards (and skaters). This year we also had a gnarly women’s jam that stoked out the scene. And of course, DJ Juan Love was keeping the vibes high, handlin' the tunes all day. Roll through to see every rip and rare sighting from one of skateboarding's best days. —Joe Brook

Photos by Joe Brook, Rhino and Eric Palozzolo

Lower Bobs P-STone Cup 2022 1First things first, we got a few ground rules at Lower Bobs. Read and abide

2 DSC3275Nasty Neck always puts it down for The Bible and the boys

Lower Bobs P-STone Cup 2022 3Mike Kershnar paints up a wall for The Big Dog. With the art locked down, let's walk around to get a sense of the crowd...

Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022 4Happy to see the Maigetter fam in effect

Greg Schmitty Felix Oscar Maigetter 2000Schmitty was stoked to see the boys

Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022 5Rhino and Red with Clayton Perez, Odin Hubbard, Felix and Oscar Maigetter

Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022 6Waffle brothers—Curren Caples, Ronnie Sandoval, Elijah Berle and TM Matt Bennett

7 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Deathwish and Baker boys in the mix, Taylor Kirby and Zach Allen

8 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Dandy Harris from 510 in a Vans sandwich with Zach Sheats, Cierra Xavier and Justin Villano

Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022 9Bira shows off his arm-strengthening techniques for filming lines with a death lens. Learn from the best, kids

10 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022SF OGs Bryce Kanights and Joe Fong

11 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022San Pedro's finest made it up to Oaktown—Ronnie Sandoval and Robbie "The Rooster " Russo

12 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Lefty shows Wes Kremer and Evan Smith how to properly use a bell pepper

13 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Two Ricks from Canada—McCrank and Howard

14 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022East Bay resident Jim Thiebaud shares the love with Zach Allen

15 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022And of course, we got multitalented Big Hongry, a king in his court

16 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022John Alden and the judges figuring out the heats for the contest

17 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Meet the judges: Tommy Guerrero, Elissa Steamer, Rob “The Wu” Welsh (or Waylon Rob Welsh if you choose) and D'ontae Smith

18 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022EMB's famous Chico "Chico Sticks" Brenes and his fellow icon of The City Karl Watson. FYI, Karl was the king of spitwads at EMB back in the day

19 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Dreamland’s Mark Scott checking the vibes from the extension

20 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Neck and Arco—who wore it best?

21 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022P-Stone tribute, money coals forever

22 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Frank Gerwer with ATL’s finest—Santi, Kamal and Peyton aka DJ Fari

23 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Gnarhunters—Rachel and Elissa Steamer

24 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022ATV Ishod Wair chills with Big John Fitzgerald before dropping in

Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022 25REAL skateboards OGs Tommy Guerrero and Max Schaaf

28 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022DLX homies Harry Lintell and Mack Scharff, not to be confused with the guy in the photo above

26 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Fatty Mack is always keeping it fired up

27 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Rob Welsh and our 2008 SOTY Silas Baxter-Neal

29 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Video visionaries, REAL's Tim Fulton and Thrasher's own Ewan Bowman

30 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022More of our guys! Cole Mathews and Dylan Christopher

31  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022The Kanfoushs on a skate date for real

32  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022This whole thing wouldn't be possible without Lower Bobs OG builders/shredders Peabody and Raney Beres

33  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Portland's Emile Laurent, Angel Dust's Wheatberry and Wicked Workshop's Neckface. Now let's get to the skating!

34  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022First up, Tony Trujillo breaks the ice with a slob fastplant

35  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Then Raney Beres gets the blood flowing with a proper Smith vert

36  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Ishod swervin' through crosstown traffic

37  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Back in the corner, Ronnie revs an FSA

38  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022And Christian Henry brings the heat with a frontside lipslide

39  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Rad dad Hugo Boserup hops on the extension with a nosegrind yank

40  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022All eyes in Ishod, frontside noseblunt

42 DSC54 Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Tyson Peterson mesmerized the crowd with a sample of psychedelic moves like this primo slide

42 JamieFoy OllieNorth Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Jamie Foy flys a foot off over the hip

43 MamiTezuka FsSmith  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Style for miles, Mami Tezuka locks into a proper front Smith

44 RickMcCrank Stalefish Bobs  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022McCrank catches a stalefish

45 CurrenCaples NoseBlunt  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Curren gets the O-face from the crowd with a heavy-duty noseblunt on the new addition

46  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Cody Chapman and Raven Tershy bring Derby vibes to Bobs

47  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022If you can't find him, just look up. Chances are you'll see Pedro Barros spinnin' a stale 540

48  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Ventura boys Jake Anderson and Curren Caples like what they see

49 GrantTaylor IDK BobsGrantihero, backside nosepick with a few frogger hops on the extension. You saw the clip! 

50  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Tony V scopes the scene while John Cardiel brings the heat on the wheels of steel

51  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022MC Neckface killed it on the mic all day. Thought he wouldn't?!

52  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Santi, Julien and Max Schaaf all pitched in to to make hand-crafted pepper trophies. Let's see who walked away with one of these rare awards

53  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Women's top three: Mami Tezuka, Nicole Hause and Lara Botto. Nicole knows the drill!

54  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Men's top three: Ronnie Sandoval in first, Raney Beres in second and Pedro Barros third. GT got "The Most Fired Up" award

55  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Ace's Shrewgy and Joey Tershay with SF legend Noah Peacock

56  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Bay Area locs all got excellent nicknames—Kristina Mar, Mad Max, Cyrus, Seagull, Josh, Peabody, The Gut, Chunty and Daf Noah, just to mention a few

57  Lower Bobs P-Stone Cup 2022Alright, we gotta dip. Let’s have Grant end things on a bang. Now go watch the video and spark up a session for the one's who can't

Thanks to DLX, Vans and Thrasher for making this event happen for our skate family. We know P-Stone, Hubbard, Phelper, Grosso and Hammeke were loving every minute of it!
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