Tommy Sandoval's "1947" Interview

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Where you at Tommy?
Literally just got back from TJ.

You’re down there all the time now. How’d that happen?
The first trip I took down there with the Fallen dudes about a year ago. Azaf, our tour guide down there, is the homie. He’s one of the most down-to-Earth dudes I’ve ever met. There’s nobody better to show you around. I’ve been going down almost every Wednesday and Sunday. It’s just way easier than skating SD or LA. I go to the spots in LA and I’m forced to do gnarly shit ‘cause the craziest shit has already gone down.

What do you like about TJ so much?
Everything. Spots are sick, it’s super affordable, you get the feel of leaving the country without having to go too far. You don’t have to worry about the cops too much. And of course the micheladas. Can’t forget those.

Tommy Sidebar 1 200pxYou had a little incident with the Federales recently, didn’t you?
Yeah, the cops can fuck with you out there, so it’s kind of sketchy. We were literally at the border getting dropped off after skating. We had just come back from this restaurant that we always hit that has tacos and micheladas. We were pretty gone, so we were having a little too good of a time getting out, I guess. I was grabbing my board out of the trunk and the cops showed up flashing lights and started to harass us for no reason. We ended up having to go with them to the station and Azaf had to pay 100 bucks each to get us out.

So the LRG video is almost done. Are you out there in TJ on any last-minute filming missions?
Yeah trying to squeeze in what I can. I actually finally feel better than I ever have while filming for this video. It’s been on-and-off ankle crap.

You’ve basically been injured the whole time you’ve been filming for the video.
Pretty much.

There’s always something wrong with you.
Well, pretty much from the start of filming for LRG, like, after Cold War. We were filming for both at the same time, but once Cold War was over I really started focusing on the LRG video, so it was go time. I had gotten a few things I was hyped on and then I tried to half Cab this 16 or 17 and basically bailed, bruised both my heels and crunched up my ankles from the impact. So that had me out for a while and has been giving me issues ever since.


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Gap to front board.


Has filming for this LRG project been different than filming for other videos you’ve been a part of?
Oh, for sure: just going on trips, the vibe and the team dynamic is way different than a lot of the teams I’m on or ridden for before. Not down playing or taking away any of the connections with anybody on any other teams. It’s just more like getting on LRG you automatically feel a family vibe when you meet up with everyone. Just being on trips and on the sessions, I don’t feel as much pressure as when I’m working on a Zero video. Even if I’m not on a Zero trip I’m feeling like I have to drop hammers no matter what. But when I’m with the LRG posse I feel like I can explore my options and just ‘cause were at a big set doesn’t mean I have to jump down it. I still skate big shit with you guys but it’s on my terms and if I’m feeling it at the time. On a Zero trip, whether I’m feeling it or not I’m already put up to it.


Did you get more tech skating with this crew?
I’d say I definitely got to do some different skating. There was no pressure to jump down stuff. Not that I don’t want to or didn’t jump down stuff. I think it’s more that I got to have a bigger variety and give the kids some different stuff to watch.

Well, you still have a bunch of super-gnarly shit. Like the 17-stair frontside flip after a bottle of wine.
Yeah, but that’s what I’m talking about—that just happened naturally.

The crew was literally skating a ledge and you explored and came back, like, “I’m about to frontside flip the 17 rail. I already 180’d it.”
Yeah, the crew just makes me feel comfortable and if the vibes are right I’ll turn it on. And if not, there’s no pressure to skate the spot just ‘cause we’re there.

You still have dudes to jump down shit with, too, like Miles and Jack, but you all skate pretty differently.
Oh yeah, they still get down on a lot of the stuff I skate. It’s just being able to skate with people and have fun on whatever level. These guys got it all.

Was there anyone you were intimidated by or excited to meet when you first got on?
Meeting Chico was kind of a big deal. I had known of him forever, obviously, but never thought we would be on the same team, you know? And he feels like one of the bosses on the team.

Whatever Chico says goes.
Yeah, so when he accepted me I was in.


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Ollie into bank.


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