Burnout: Atlanta Slamma

We've dreamed of doing a Bust or Bail at the Atlanta 5 block for years. Watch the video five times and then relive it again… in photo form!


burnout ATL 001

The Am Scramble trip ended in Atlanta and we washed up in the Taylor's backyard for some much needed R and R.


burnout ATL 002

Quite a spread, as you know.  


burnout ATL 003

Thrasher brass, everywhere.  


burnout ATL 004

The Brocks on grill prep.  


burnout ATL 005

Ye olde peppercup! 


burnout ATL 006

After some light de-swamping, the bowl sesh got sparked with Pedro's frontal.  


burnout ATL 007

Can't keep the Duck out of the pond.  


burnout ATL 008

Local motion! 


burnout ATL 009

Zion cannot resist a little air time. Not ever. 


burnout ATL 010

Shit went North real quick.  


burnout ATL 011

Jesus Juice, going around.  


burnout ATL 012

Almost your turn, Zion.  


burnout ATL 013



burnout ATL 014

See, everybody's sippin'!


burnout ATL 015

'I mean ... I don't wanna be rude ....' 


burnout ATL 016

Grant was hurt so he went barefoot so things wouldn't get out of control.  


burnout ATL 017

Tippy toes! 


burnout ATL 018

Well, that plan's out the G.D. window.  


burnout ATL 019

Zeke prowls the decks.  


burnout ATL 020

Harsh off the wall in a blast of Pabst! 


burnout ATL 021

Things were gonna get harder before they got any easier! 


burnout ATL 022



burnout ATL 023

Zion, stepping lively.  


burnout ATL 024

Pat wants in! 


burnout ATL 025

Don't think about keeping Pedro off that thing.  


burnout ATL 026

The ol' T-Mag hop around ... 


burnout ATL 027

ending with lumbar impact! 


burnout ATL 028

Tough stuff.  


burnout ATL 029

You can imagine where it went from here. 


burnout ATL 030

Bright and early.  


burnout ATL 031

Security: check! 


burnout ATL 032

A lone soldier eyes the battlefield.  


burnout ATL 033

Oh shit! 


burnout ATL 034

My bosses.  


burnout ATL 035

TV and CJ.  


burnout ATL 036

Pat and friends whipped up a pro-caliber juker in under 45 minutes! Thanks boys! 


burnout ATL 037

Our old friend Trevor! Long time! 


burnout ATL 038

It's not as big as it seems. Or is it? 


burnout ATL 039

Dashawn, lookin' confident.  


burnout ATL 040

New gen rising.  


burnout ATL 041

Poohrail, Pat and Neck.  


burnout ATL 042

Thomas provides wise counsel in the crowd.  


burnout ATL 043

Massive firepower! Thanks y'all. 


burnout ATL 044

Bowman - going up! 


burnout ATL 045

Pat jumps the gun! Major success! 


burnout ATL 046

Reggie knows.  


burnout ATL 047

As the big hand edges north, tensions rise.  


burnout ATL 048

Phelper: ready! 


burnout ATL 049

Camera phones: stat! 


burnout ATL 050

This shit was gonna start with a bang! 


burnout ATL 051

Sunny 16 - get there! 


burnout ATL 052

What are we even waiting for? 


burnout ATL 053

Jasper frees up space. Almost go time.  


burnout ATL 054

Ambos, at the ready.  


burnout ATL 055

And GO! 


burnout ATL 056

Foolhardy ollie legend Matt Schlager kicks it off!


burnout ATL 057


burnout ATL 058


burnout ATL 059


burnout ATL 060


burnout ATL 061


burnout ATL 062


burnout ATL 063


burnout ATL 064


burnout ATL 065


burnout ATL 066


burnout ATL 067


burnout ATL 068

It had never been more on.  


burnout ATL 069


burnout ATL 070

Pandemonium begins NOW! 


burnout ATL 071

Yoshi, feeling his way.

burnout ATL 072

Thought the SOTY wasn't jumping??? 


burnout ATL 073

Ducky shoots straight for the street! 


burnout ATL 074



burnout ATL 075


burnout ATL 076


burnout ATL 077


burnout ATL 078

And then his shoe fell off! 


burnout ATL 079

Pedro, boneless! 


burnout ATL 080

Dashawn sends it! This may be a kickflip.  


burnout ATL 081

Antonio has epic form but kept getting pinched! 


burnout ATL 082



burnout ATL 083

In a jersey?!! These dudes are reckless! 


burnout ATL 084

CJ lofts it out.  


burnout ATL 085

Hermann came all the way from Norway to spin 360s straight out the gate.  Oh, he made it eventually. 


burnout ATL 086

Kevin Viernes with those wicked front shoves! 


burnout ATL 087

SOTY Cabbed it. So sick! 


burnout ATL 088

Tommy skated from the hotel to get warmed up.


burnout ATL 089

When you see this face, look the fuck out! 


burnout ATL 090

Hardflip in Timbos? It almost happened! 


burnout ATL 092

Brutality in abundance! 


burnout ATL 093

Then Reggie Kelly did an encore performance of his ollie to the road! Incredible! 


burnout ATL 094

Matt's back.  


burnout ATL 095



burnout ATL 096

It HAD to happen! 


burnout ATL 097

Zeke sent it.  


burnout ATL 098

Man of Steel and shit! 


burnout ATL 099

You got this! 


burnout ATL 100

Bodies flying everywhere!


burnout ATL 101

No amount of technical garments could save you.  


burnout ATL 102

Tommy with his infamous frontside flip.  


burnout ATL 103

And then Zion rolled out the tré bomb! 


burnout ATL 104

Enzo varial heeled with ease.  


burnout ATL 105

And then the SOTY went long ...


Burnout seq

So high and sooooo far! 


burnout ATL 106

Paul Hart, fakie flip precision.  


burnout ATL 107

This was Tommy's make, actually.  


burnout ATL 108

And in the scariest moment of the event, Pedro dove off this grind attempt ... 


burnout ATL 109

... only to land with a very disturbing twitch. 'Did I run into somebody?' he asked his friends moments later. 


burnout ATL 110

The boys had his back! 


burnout ATL 111



burnout ATL 112

Colden in the crush.  


burnout ATL 113

New lines? 


burnout ATL 114

That's just how Chula does it! 


burnout ATL 115

Romar arrived late, fly as hell.  


burnout ATL 116

Enzo would have definitely sent his hardflip to the street but got jammed up just before take off, flying out to a double knee jammer.  


burnout ATL 117

Next time EC! 


burnout ATL 118

Nick Merlino, switch flip hell! 


burnout ATL 119

Dudes were getting broke! 


burnout ATL 120

Yoshi had maxmum moves, including this lazer.  


burnout ATL 121

Another Late Larry, flight delays left TJ with only ten minutes in which to bust.  


burnout ATL 122

Romar's nollie heel.  


burnout ATL 123



burnout ATL 124

Zion with the heelflip – touched by an angel.  


burnout ATL 125

Oh yeah.  


burnout ATL 126



burnout ATL 127

Dashawn's fakie tré was the last straw.  


burnout ATL 128

Cherry on top! 


burnout ATL 129

Of course, that was before Sethtafari flew.  


burnout ATL 130

And that's what it's all about! 


burnout ATL 131

Wild times and catchin' air! 


burnout ATL 132

Phelper pulls the plug.  


burnout ATL 133

It was for everyone's safety! 


burnout ATL 134

Awards time! 


burnout ATL 135

'I just got my next month's rent!' 


burnout ATL 136

You're the best, Tommy! 


burnout ATL 137

A hug and a few hundo – what more could Zion want? 


burnout ATL 138

Time to chill? Not for SOTY 2016. K Walks is just warming up.  


burnout ATL 139

And now he can get that pool table.  


burnout ATL 140

This is Dashawn's first time in Thrasher in any form.  


burnout ATL 141

Stoked he could make it. 


burnout ATL 142

Plenty more where that came from! 


burnout ATL 143

And then Yoshi T – going crazy with a backside flip, big flip and lazer flip. Top dog! 


burnout ATL 144

Some inspirational words and that was that.  


burnout ATL 145



burnout ATL 146

Everyone was tripping on the carnage they had just witnessed.  


burnout ATL 147

Like PTSD type shit! 


burnout ATL 148



burnout ATL 149

Thanks for coming! 


burnout ATL 150

Mason in a Glick and Kirby sandwich.  


burnout ATL 151

Blood in the landing. For real! 


burnout ATL 152

Nico had survived until this kinker attempt. Heal up! 


burnout ATL 153

Palm check – a nickel.  


burnout ATL 154

Peeling quarter.  


burnout ATL 155

Mr Clean! 


burnout ATL 156

Bloody knuckles.  


burnout ATL 157

Not a scratch! 


burnout ATL 158



burnout ATL 159

Some sweater money at the very least.  


burnout ATL 160

We all survived.  


burnout ATL 161

Time for Zeke to take his medicine.  


burnout ATL 162

With help from some local nurses.  


burnout ATL 163

Code overload! 


burnout ATL 164

Thanks Atlanta and Stratosphere. You guys are the classiest! 


burnout ATL 165

Thanks Jimmy! 


burnout ATL 166

And all y'all.  


burnout ATL 167

SD bound? 


burnout ATL 168

That's why we do it – to bring friends together.  


burnout ATL 169

Right, Zion? 


burnout ATL 170



burnout ATL 171

'I'm gonna miss you, Mike.' 


burnout ATL 172 2xThe official record. Thanks to everyone who jumped, slammed, cheered, picked up trash and had a blast. See you next time!

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