Primitive's "Testing 6" Video

Coverboy Miles Silvas sparks off this beautiful new Primitive edit, followed by Franky, Dylan, Jonny, Tiago and more of their elite squad.

  • Giovanni Vianna's "RITORNA" Part

    Giovanni Vianna's "RITORNA" Part
    Scratching off NBDs in LA can be difficult, but Gio’s unparalleled fakie skills unlock a slew of new moves. Between his classic hammers and tech finesse, this is a tour de force.
  • Skateline: 09.12.2023

    Skateline: 09.12.2023
    Gary talks Jacuzzi's Monnie video, Primitive's Testing 6 video, Jeff DeChasare's KFD part, Hermann Stene, Adrian Del Campo, Brian O'Dwyer and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • Miles Silvas' "DEFINE. Unmastered" Primitive Video

    Miles Silvas' "DEFINE. Unmastered" Primitive Video
    Miles systematically dismantles spots on both coasts while putting together his remarkable Primitive part. Some just got it. 
  • Charlie Munro's "SCRAPE" Primitive Part

    Charlie Munro's "SCRAPE" Primitive Part
    Primitive's UK ripper cleans up on the ledges from London and Leeds down to Perth and Melbourne.
  • Tre Williams Goes Pro for Primitive

    Tre Williams Goes Pro for Primitive
    Tre's held it down for a minute and his hard work pays off with a promotion from Primitive. Watch these new clips before you grab his board.