"Yogi in Disneyland" Book Release and Art Show

FTC is hosting an art show and book release party on October 3rd for Thrasher ad director Eben Sterling's new book Yogi In Disneyland. 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm. 1632 Haight Street, San Francisco. Orders and info DM @yogiindisneyland

Yogi In Disneyland is a collection of short stories and illustrations documenting a personal spiritual journey through the rides and rituals of Disneyland.

Featuring artwork by: Jason Adams, Todd Bratrud, Jay Croft, Ken Davis, Jeremy Fish, Mark "FOS" Foster, Alan Gonzalez, Beth Gould, Michael Kershnar, Tim Lehi, Morning Breath, Dennis McNett, Palehorse, Show Pigeon, Joe Roberts, Robert Ryan, Michael Sieben, Danny Boy Smith, Bud Snow, Max Stern, Ed Templeton, Kellesimone Waits, and Sean Star Wars.

Eben Sterling has worked at Thrasher magazine since 1993. He resides near Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, CA where he enjoys a life of skating, surfing, meditation and long term sobriety.


750yogi art show FTC jpeg

  • Bobaj's "Anahí" Chapter 3

    Bobaj's "Anahí" Chapter 3
    Bobaj is back with Sven and his gang of technicians, making moves at Milano Centrale and more European dream spots.  
  • Lesque's "チーム" Video

    Lesque's "チーム" Video
    A steady sampling of Tokyo dream spots with a squad who knows how to tackle the terrain. The title means “team” and this one’s sick.
  • Pusher Bearings "Outta Bounds" Video

    Pusher Bearings "Outta Bounds" Video
    Ledges, hip-hop and plazas—Pusher’s international team of technicians knows the recipe. Kilian Zehnder, Nick Dias, Carlos Iqui and more bring the flow from South America to Spain.
  • Mack Scharff's "Private" Part

    Mack Scharff's "Private" Part
    Deluxe creative genius steps into the limelight to prove he’s more than a man with a movie camera—he’s a bonafide god of the boneless. Mason flexes his editing chops while Mack goes to work.
  • ROUGH CUT: Joey O'Brien's "[untitled] 005" Part

    ROUGH CUT: Joey O'Brien's "[untitled] 005" Part
    Fans of Sabotage were already keen to Joey's talent, but after his tour de force performance in Untitled, everyone knew the man's name. Big ups to one of the hardest working skaters in the biz.
  • Gabriel "Gabbers" Summers: The Thrasher Interview

    Gabriel "Gabbers" Summers: The Thrasher Interview
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  • Jimmy Wilkins' Welcome to REAL Part

    Jimmy Wilkins' Welcome to REAL Part
    The cat’s already outta the bag, but Jimmy gets officially welcomed to the crew via a sublime vert session with Nicole, Max, Mason and more.
  • Alex Willms' SK8Mafia Pro Part

    Alex Willms' SK8Mafia Pro Part
    Alex puts San Diego in a headlock with hit after hit of unreal power before making history on the Torrey Pines 21.
  • My War: Alex Midler

    My War: Alex Midler
    Arto set the bar and Midler raised it, attacking and sacking the famed double kinker for Bust-or-Bail glory.

    Gary checks the crowd at the last stop of the Thrasher Vacation, reporting on local dreads, stomach tattoos and more in today's episode of Skateline.