Vans Park Series Huntington Beach: Women's Finals

After days of heated practice, the Van’s Park Series Women’s Finals kicked off Thursday with 16 women battling it out for the seven remaining spots to the finals in Shanghai. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxAn early morning warm up, the bowl was cleared as the stands were nearly full

02 750pxNo stranger to intense skate action, Ricky “The Dude” was pushing the buttons for the live feed

03 750pxStress levels were high and the vibes were good, but little Logan Frank missed the memo: this is the Women’s contest

04 750pxJordyn Barratt, over the hip low to high via an Indy air

05 750pxNora Vasconcellos backside grinds over the peninsula with Thrasher’s Schmitty following with the fisheye. Full video recap after the weekend at

06 750pxAustralia’s Poppy Star Olsen scoops a backside air

07 750pxAllysha Le, slob plant off the extension into the corner

08 750pxArianna Carmona with a rare dumptruck over the spine

10 750pxI thought those umbrellas only came with margaritas. Grumpy cat, not impressed

11 750pxLizzie, backside air mid Firing Line. Check the Thrasher 'gram for the full run

12 750pxKisa Nakamura front blunted her way through the qualifiers, but a heavy slam on her last trick kept her from the finals. No to worry, she’s one of the Women’s Select Pros with a guaranteed spot in Shanghai

13 750pxHunter Long knows the Moco Loco is made with an egg

14 750pxYndiara Asp, mean ol' slob plant

16 750pxPoppy Star Olsen, Spencer Breaux and Sara Thompson with some homemade signs…

15 750px…that also doubled as much needed shade.

17 750pxJulz Lynn brought the spirit of Jay Adams (RIP) with her

18 750pxRoll-in grind through the corner

19 750pxCrowd favorite for her big airs and heavy slams, Nicole Hause goes frontside in the deep end

20 750pxKody Tamanaha Smith grinds through the corner

21 750pxKody and Hosoi await the results from the ISS, the instant scoring system. The ISS is good and should not to be confused with ISIS, which is bad

22 750pxBryce Wettstein, are you ready for round two?

23 750pxLast year’s Huntington Beach winner Hanna Zanzi, boned frontside air over the hip

24 750pxHanna’s bag is full of surprises, like this kickflip fastplant over the hip. Very hard to capture in a still photo

25 750pxBryce Wettstein had these 50-50 to fakie on lock

26 750pxNora with some Salbacise before her run

27 750pxStellar outfit coordination paired with a stretched out front Smith across the top rope, Nora does nothing half ass

28 750pxJordyn Barrett, eggplant near the edge

29 750pxJordyn’s BFFs showing support and a hint of blackmail

30 750pxThirteen-year-old Brighton Zeuner has been on fire lately. This backside blunt was in the middle of a routine 14-trick line

31 750pxFourteen-year-old Grace Marhoefer bonelesses into the bowl

32 750pxBrighton on her final run, feeble through the corner

33 750pxWho’s got it?

34 750pxAwaiting the results of the ISS

35 750pxVans’ Master of Ceremonies, Steve Van Doren, and one of this year's trophies drawn by Todd Francis

36 750pxHere’s the top three ladies: Nora Vasconcellos 3rd, Bryce Wettstein 2nd and Brighton Zeuner takes home the win and a check for 10,000 big ones

37 750pxCongrats, Brighton! See you in Shanghai
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