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Vans Shop Night Party


Vans threw a party for local skateshops at their Huntington Beach park and an epic crew of sponsored ams, current pros and living legends came out to shred. Here’s photos and a video from an amazing night.

I had been hearing rumors that as of April 1st, Vans switched up their liability waivers to no longer enforce people over the age of 18 to wear a helmet. I thought it was going to be another April Fools' gag but Johnny Layton invited me to come check out the party Vans was throwing for the local shops and told me the good news. Skaters from shops all over Southern California showed up as well as a handful of legends and not a single skull was harmed. Thanks, Vans! —Ben Karpinski


J-Lay on door duty



Omar and Hosoi. Check out that new shape!


Tyler Mumma, back tail


Brock Kreis floats an ollie


Jeremy Ponce yanks in a nosegrind


Corey Glick, off the wall


Did I mention there was pizza?


Tre Williams, front crook


Riverside rolls deep. Nolan Miskell, Smith


Cody Hager landed bolts for Iggy

11 1Didn’t know Roman was the ATV type


Office legs my ass! Of course Johnny’s still going to switch tré the biggest thing in the park


Finally made my way to the bowl just in time to catch Omar and Alex


Joseph from Pawnshop can dip a back Smith


Cedric Pabich has a part coming out this month on the Thrasher site. With moves like this noseblunt, I cant wait


Off duty but still at the park. Big night for Wes Lott


Black Label selfie


Master lensmen everywhere!


Omar Hassan, Christ air to fakie


Roman Pabich standing tall on this Eggplant


Good shit, Roman


Spotted Ed on the way out reminiscing over the HB park flat bar


Bro Styling with Grant


Just like old times


Thanks again for cutting out that rail, Ed

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