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Chris Livingston's "Parched and Pitted" Part

Chris is a former H-Street pro who destroyed vert ramps. He never lost his love of the vertical realm and now his crew attacks Arizona pools and pits.

  • Japanese Nights

    Japanese Nights
    Vagrant sent Elijah Akerley, Archer Braun and Cody Subido out to Japan for a week in December and they came back with this tasty edit. 
  • New from Vagrant

    New from Vagrant
    Check out the new boards from Vagrant here.
  • The Follow Up: Chris Livingston

    The Follow Up: Chris Livingston
    Chris Livingston’s recent Vagrant part left no doubt that, spotlight or not, he’s out there destroying terrain. We caught up with him to talk pools, early ‘90s vert and why being away from the industry isn’t always such a bad thing.
  • Archer Braun for Vagrant

    Archer Braun for Vagrant
    Archer Braun rips through a couple of his local north county parks in this short edit for Vagrant.
  • Vagrant's "Sketchy Rollers" Video

    Vagrant's "Sketchy Rollers" Video
    Jump in the van with the Vagrant team on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest.