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Circle Jerks' "Wild in the Streets" Video and Photos

As a 13-year-old listening to Wild in the Streets, being asked to direct a Circle Jerks video was something I never thought would happen. The record came out 40 years ago when I was only five. Fast forward to now, Joe Nelson and Sammy Siegler from Trust records actually did ask me to direct a video for the remastered version of Wild in the Streets. I was in. I brainstormed with Ty Evans—Director of Photography on the video—to come up with the concept of using live VHS footage from 40 years ago mixed with new VHS clips of current skaters and legendary pros. Adding to the effect, we had them skating boards and only doing tricks from 1982. This was my way of preserving 40 years of punk rock and skateboard history.

We did the shoot in two days, thanks to the amazing cast of skaters: Eric Koston, Victoria Ruesga, Lance Mountain, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Steve Olson, Sal Barbier, Rowan Zorilla, Sean Malto, Anaiah Lei, Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Dashawn Jordan and Max Perlich. The VHS footage of the skating was filmed by Ty Evans and Davonte Jolly who did an amazing job capturing the same energy from back in the day. One other big factor was clothing, which Katina Danabassis helped make look so perfect. Also thanks to Vans, Powell and Santa Cruz for sending the era-appropriate product we used throughout the project. Keen Ramps did a great job setting us up with the jump ramp and slider bar. After we wrapped, the big part was editing. Cleigh Reed killed it with the cuts and really made this feel like Wild in the Streets. Thank you, Circle Jerks, for making a timeless classic. Now enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos from my 13-year-old self’s dream come true. —Atiba Jefferson

Circle Jerks Atiba Davonte Jolly and Ty EvansThis shoot was packed with bonafide legends and legends-in-the-making on both ends of the lens. Ty Evans and Davonte Jolly get the VHS ready. Jolly, have you even seen one of these things?

Circle Jerks Atiba Eric Koston BoardslideKoston cut his teeth on pvc rails, so of course he’s got the style down on the slider bar

Circle Jerks Atiba Christian Hosoi and Keith MorrisChristian Hosoi and Keith Morris catch up

Circle Jerks Atiba Rowan ZorillaRowan blasting like it's '82. Hosoi approves

Circle Jerks Atiba Lance GroupStill doin' what they love, Circle jerks and Lance Mountain

Circle Jerks Atiba Lance Mountain CarveAnd we're back to the Video Show with Lance

Circle Jerks Atiba Group ShotVictoria, Malto, Rowan, Koston, Sal, Olson, Spanky and Anaiah, not too wild

Circle Jerks Atiba Lizzie Armanto LaybackLizzie Armanto didn't miss a beat, layback on an iconic LA quarterpipe

Circle Jerks Atiba Tony Hawk Fly OutTony gets Lizzie's back, goin' fatty to flatty 

Circle Jerks Atiba Tony Hawk BonelessAnd keeps the session moving with a boneless between the stoppers

Circle Jerks Atiba Christian Hosoi Jump RampHosoi booked a flight to get the band back together

Circle Jerks Atiba Method GrabAir Spanky on the Walk of Fame

Circle Jerks Atiba Japan AirSal walked away as the jump ramp MVP after this crooked cop

Circle Jerks Atiba Dashawn Hand DownAnd Dashawn closed out the day, showing off his old school bag of tricks, decked out in gear fit for any pit from '82 to '22. Now throw that tape in the boombox or stream it on your next session
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