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Dave Caddo's "NYC" Part

The OG Dave Caddo shredding through the streets and back alleys of NYC. You gotta love and respect it.

  • "Rust Belt Trap" Video

    "Rust Belt Trap" Video
    Amongst the crust of America’s Rust Belt, a rag-tag crew of skaters get the gumption to salvage the skateable scraps from truly decrepit spots. Jerry Mraz, Matt Andersen and Jake Baldini’s equally terrifying and inspiring new project will leave the sweet sound of clanking cellar doors ringing in your ears.
  • The Follow Up: Dave Caddo

    The Follow Up: Dave Caddo
    It’s easy to just watch the part, but this interview is great and well worth the time. Kick back for a few minutes and read the wise words of an underground skateboarding legend.