Malibu Hamish Takes His Own First Look

Malibu Hamish, aka "The Illusion," goes through our August mag page by page. This is your sunburned brain on waves, concrete, and large quantities of hashish. Nevertheless, we love you Hamish.

  • 5&5 with David Gravette

    5&5 with David Gravette
    David Gravette gets five tricks down a handrail while the illusion asks him some questions.
  • First Look: The Illusion

    First Look: The Illusion
    Malibu's favorite son, Hamish, is a fan of every era of skating and he gets a kick out of the February 2014 King of the Road issue.
  • Derby Skatepark Code Red

    Derby Skatepark Code Red
    The Derby Skatepark is threatened with being forever altered. The Illusion explains what's going on...
  • The Illusion Interviews T-Puds

    The Illusion Interviews T-Puds
    The Illusion tunes in from Malibu, CA to talk with Torey Pudwill about his new shoe.
  • Slam Demons

    Slam Demons
    When the urethane is spinning, all is well. But when concrete and flesh meet, that's a world of pain brought to you by the Slam Demons. Check out this article from the August 2011 issue.