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Remembering Van Wastell

Van was magical on a skateboard. He had a style and uniqueness that was all his own. Its been ten years since he passed away, but when I watch this part I feel closer to him. I’ll always cherish the times I had with him, but for those who didn’t get to see him skate in person, his video parts, like this one, are just like him: they’re one of a kind. —Eddie Villa (Van Wastell’s Brother)

  • Ernie Torres: People I've Known

    Ernie Torres: People I've Known
    Ernie Torres busted out of Oklahoma in the early 2000s, earning a seat in the REAL van with his heavy moves and wicked sense of humor. Thanks for the memories, Big Ern! As seen in our Aug. 2021 issue.
  • Heroes and Heavies: Mike Anderson

    Heroes and Heavies: Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson’s classic style of skating doesn’t exist in a vacuum. From Van Wastell and Gonz to his immediate family in Ventura, Mike sings the praises of his inspirations and the people he couldn’t do it without. As seen in our April ‘21 issue.
  • Happy Birthday Van Wastell 4-22-2021

    Happy Birthday Van Wastell 4-22-2021
    Van’s brother discusses recovering old clips and their shared passion for the music used in this tribute edit. Gone but never forgotten.
  • "Filthy Delights" Video

    "Filthy Delights" Video
    Full parts from Damian Bravo and Massimo Cavedoni bring long-awaited clips to light. Donnelly, Busenitz, Gerwer, Asselin, Aultz and more all-stars from the DLX family round out the experience.
  • Van Wastell Video Tribute

    Van Wastell Video Tribute
    Twelve years out, the loss of Van still weighs heavy. His brother Eddie and Manderson remind us of what made him so damn great.