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Remembering Van Wastell

Van was magical on a skateboard. He had a style and uniqueness that was all his own. Its been ten years since he passed away, but when I watch this part I feel closer to him. I’ll always cherish the times I had with him, but for those who didn’t get to see him skate in person, his video parts, like this one, are just like him: they’re one of a kind. —Eddie Villa (Van Wastell’s Brother)

  • My Friend, Van Wastell Part 1

    My Friend, Van Wastell Part 1
    Van Wastell was a unique individual, skateboarder and friend. Long coming is this tribute to a friend that will be missed dearly. This is dedicated to the loving memory of Van Wastell RIP. We love you buddy!
  • Classics: Van Wastell "Gnar Gnar"

    Classics: Van Wastell "Gnar Gnar"
    The raw footage and loose edit of this 2007 Krooked vid shows how rad and talented Van really was. Mike Anderson introduces a classic.
  • Van Wastell Memorial Jam 3

    Van Wastell Memorial Jam 3
    Independent has a blog post from last weekend's memorial session for Van Wastell.
  • Burnout: Van Wastell

    Burnout: Van Wastell
    Burnout gives respect to Van Wastell with portraits and skate photos. You are greatly missed Van.