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Titus' "Ups and Downs" Video

Europe has insane levels of skate talent. The Titus brand represents the all-stars from Germany and beyond. This full length vid is full of surprises, dream spots, and creative new blood. These guys are unreal.

  • Plazacation: Berlin

    Plazacation: Berlin
    Berlin's premier plaza has had a few names over the years and the stoke always runs deep. From Templeton to Ish and Giorgi Armani, the stone tells a story. Listen close.
  • Titus x Chandler Burton's New Part

    Titus x Chandler Burton's New Part
    Chandler Burton reveals his heart-eating alter ego along with heavy clips and unsettling visuals. Here's your Halloween horror film.     
  • The Follow Up: Titus' "Ups and Downs"

    The Follow Up: Titus' "Ups and Downs"
    The Titus crew weighs in on the ups and downs of filming their latest video project. Turns out you shouldn’t fist fight a window…
  • Titus' "Ups and Downs" Trailer

    Titus' "Ups and Downs" Trailer
    Ups and Downs features full parts from Jeremy Reinhard, Vladik Scholz, Yannick Schall, Jost Arens, Markus Blessing and Patrick Rogalski. Coming tomorrow.