Virtual Exposure 2020 Video Winners

For obvious reasons, Exposure had to flip the script on their usual in-person annual event. With $50,000 on the line, some of the best non-male talent across the globe showed up with heavy parts and stoke levels beyond measure. The legends Elissa Steamer, Vanessa Torres, Jaime Reyes, Mimi Knoop and Alex White judged all 230 applications from 23 different countries. This was truly a global effort. To top that off, all proceeds from the event go to help survivors of domestic violence. Aide in their mission before you see every rail-chomping, coping-crushing winner that walked away with a first-place rank and some well-deserved cash.

Independent Best Transition Video Part 14 & Under 
1. Yurin Fuji - Shonan, Japan 
2. Ruby Trew - Curl Curl, Sydney, Australia
3. Ruby Lilley - Vista, CA

Independent Best Transition Video Part 15-29
1. Bryce Wettstein - Encinitas, CA 
2. Jordyn Barratt - Oceanside, CA
3. Lara Botto - Los Altos, CA

Independent Best Transition Video Part 30+
1. Karen Jonz - Sao Paulo, Brazil 
2. Leon C. Elyse Clouthier - Oconomowoc, WI
3. Tracie Garacochoea - Santa Monica, CA

Santa Cruz Best Street Video Part 14 & under
1. Aoi Uemura - Japan 
2. Momiji Nishiya -  Japan
3. Chloe Covell - Gold Coast, Australia 

Santa Cruz Best Street Video Part 15-29
1. Nanaka Fujisawa - Japan 
2. Margielyn Arda Didal - Cebu City, Philippines
3. Funa Nakayama - Toyama, Japan

Santa Cruz Best Street Video Part 30+
1. Celina Meehan - Landing, NJ 
2. Kristin Ebeling - Seattle, WA 
3. Lucy Adams - Horsham, UK

Krux Best Crew
1. Shake Your Board - Warsaw, Poland 
2. Autonomy - Global
3. Botu Crew - Barcelona

Skatelite Best Trick Transition
1. Nicole Hause - Stillwater, MN
2. Jordan Santana - TX
3. Dora Varella - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Independent Best Trick Street
1. Aoi Uemura - Japan 
2. Aimee Massie - Sydney, Australia
3. Celina Meehan - Landing, NJ

Skate Rising Award - Honoring skaters who give back to their community
1. Paula Mecu Videla - Argentina 
2. Valeria Kechichian - Mallorca, Spain
3. Veronica Jane - Seattle, WA 

Nora's Pick
Lola Tambling - Cornwall, United Kingdom 
Thank you to our sponsors: Independent, Krux, Santa Cruz, Skatelite, Bones Love Milk, Vans, Tactics, Dickies, Skunk Bags, Bronson, MOB, OJ, Juneshine, Oh-So and Stomp Sessions.

Check out all of the submissions here.
  • Virtual Exposure 2020 Video Part Contest

    Virtual Exposure 2020 Video Part Contest
    This year’s Exposure contest is online. The best non-dudes will submit their sickest street, park or crew video by November 12th for a shot at that $50k prize purse and a feature on our homepage. Hurry up, the deadline is tomorrow!