Vans Park Series Brazil Practice

Vans Park Series has made its way to Brazil for its second event. Here’s a few moments caught by masterlensman Anthony Acosta on the riders’ first practice day. Based on the caliber of skating straight off the plane, the Sunday finals are gonna be HEAVY. 

Photos by Another Acosta



Course preview. Not bad at all


2BrightonBrighton catches a backside air

3WootenJake’s Wooten’s no compliess are good, but his no comply tailslides are a thing of beauty

4PabichBrosPabich Brothers. From the same mother

5SorgenteAlex Sorgente seems to be healthy, nasal grab backside floater

6CedricCedric the entertainer with a FSA minutes after his first lap

7SandovalThe majestic Ronnie. Even the sun has his back

8RonnieInvertThere he is! Ronnie Sandoval, invert

9RonnieFSOFollowed up with a FSO

10HosoiHosoi mugs the newcomer

11JwootenThree hands, one screaming. Jake, frontal huck


12PatrickRyanPatrick Ryan warms up with a tuck knee instead of yoga

14PatrickRYan SmithThen he found some new lines on the deck. Smith grind

15PedroBarrosPedro approves!

13LuizFLuiz Francisco with a massive boneless on his home turf

16TristanRennieJust wait for the footage of this line—Tristan Rennie with a front feeble. And to think, this is just the beginning… 

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