Who should be the 2021 Skater of the Year?

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Despite another year of travel restrictions, 2021 blessed us with heavy hits from the best in the biz. Now it's time to cast your vote for SOTY. Here are the Finalists...

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John DiloDilo SOTY Finalist Portrait 2000

Chima FergusonChima Ferguson SOTY Finalist Portrait 2000

Yuto HorigomeHorigome SOTY Finalist Portrait 2000

Felipe NunesFelipe Nunes SOTY Finalist Portrait 2000

Jack O'GradyJack O Grady SOTY Finalist Portrait 2000

Mark SuciuMark Suciu SOTY Finalist Portrait 2000
  • Miles Silvas SOTY Trip - Mexico City

    Miles Silvas SOTY Trip - Mexico City
    The SOTY victory lap scorched through CDMX, backed by heavyweights like Ishod, Tiago, P-Rod and Shanahan. Clips were stacked, vibes were high and Miles stomped a beautiful back noseblunt for the cover. Hasta pronto, México! Thanks, Skullcandy, for all the help with the trip.
  • Skateline: 02.13.2024

    Skateline: 02.13.2024
    Gary breaks down Duplex's Low Rent Ep 3 video, Tyshawn's SOTY trip, Kader in New York City, Yuri Facchini going pro for Deathwish and more in today's episode of Skateline.
  • SOTY Party 2023 Photos

    SOTY Party 2023 Photos
    Once the decision is made, the only thing left is one big ol’ bash in The City to cap the year off right. Karl Watson came through for the official handoff along with a host of A-listers from Primitive, adidas and our home turf. Couldn’t get in the door? Catch it all here.
  • Skater of the Year 2023: Miles Silvas

    Skater of the Year 2023: Miles Silvas
    Each of the finalists put down some of the most awe-inspiring skating to date, but at the end of the day, there can only be one. Miles Silvas is our 2023 Skater of the Year.
  • Who Should be the 2023 Skater of the Year?

    Who Should be the 2023 Skater of the Year?
    Before casting your vote, take a moment to appreciate each of these incredible skateboarders and the effort they put forth this year. It’s been an honor to witness.