Who Should be the 2022 Skater of the Year?

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Each Contender rose above and beyond, but these four deserve the highest recognition. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

Voting Closed

2022 SOTY Contenders Card TFunk

Deep Fried X Baker

More from Tristan Funkhouser:
Baker Video with Tyson and T Funk
Felix Soto's GOOD 2 BE ALIVE

2022 SOTY Contenders Card Nyjah Huston

Disorder's Shine On

More from Nyjah Huston:
Nike SB's Need That
Monster Energy's Side Mission
Disorder's Disruption

2022 SOTY Contenders Card Tyshawn Jones

Hardies' The General

More from Tyshawn Jones:
For Days—Tyshawn, Na-Kel, and Jolly
Supreme's Play Dead
King's Kingdom Come

2022 SOTY Contenders Card Louie Lopez

CONS As You Wish

More from Louie Lopez:
Deadline: CONS As You Wish
Spitfire's Honor Roll
Fucking Awesome's Louie Again & Again
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