• Veterans Crisis Line

    Veterans Crisis Line
    Much like the other crisis lines in our community support page, the Veterans Crisis Line provides ‘round the clock call and text support. Check the video to see the crucial work they’re doing to keep our vets safe and secure and visit their site to learn how to spot the signs of a crisis.
  • WomensLaw.org

    Women’sLaw.org provides online legal support and resources for anyone with legal questions about domestic violence and other topics from its site. If you have questions about abuse or forms domestic violence, check their site or contact their confidential email hotline.

    RAINN (Rape, Assault and Incest National Network) is the country’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. If you’ve been subjected to sexual violence and need help, call 800-656-HOPE (4673) today.
  • The Trevor Project

    The Trevor Project
    Following the Oscar-winning short film Trevor, the Trevor Project was set up to provide a 24-hour hotline for LGBTQ+ youth in crisis. Since ’98 it’s expanded to provide programs for those same young people, educators and allies to learn about coming out and best practices for suicide prevention. Watch the film below that started it all and let’s make sure we continue to make skating a community where people are comfortable being open with their sexuality and gender identity. And, of course, if you’re struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, call the number below for help. 
  • Emergency Release Fund

    Emergency Release Fund
    The Emergency Release Fund posts bail for trans people in NYC who’ve been jailed. The existing system often prevents trans people from qualifying for pre-trial release programs, and being in jail makes them even more vulnerable. If you or someone you know is trans or LGBTQ+ and awaiting trial in jail, request bail funds here. Support the mission and help the most marginalized among us. 
  • National Black Justice Coalition

    National Black Justice Coalition
    The National Black Justice Coalition is a civil rights organization empowering Black LGBTQ+, same-gender loving and people living with HIV/AIDS. The NBJC combats racism and homophobia with their LGBTQ-Equality Initiative for more inclusive college campuses and works in Washington on issues of employment discrimination, relationship recognition and criminal justice. Check their site for more tools and terminology to make sure you’re updating and evolving your caveman dictionary.
  • Oakland LGBTQ Center

    Oakland LGBTQ Center
    The Oakland LGBTQ Center is the city’s first all-inclusive LGBTQ+ community center. With a ton of services like a library, food pantry, rental assistance program and support groups, the Center is a bright spot in the Bay that enhances and reinforces the lives of LGBTQ+ people. Stop by if you’re in the East Bay, though you can forget about skating the ledges out front—they’re fully knobbed. 
  • Trans Lifeline

    Trans Lifeline
    Trans Lifeline is the only crisis hotline set up to serve trans people in crisis staffed entirely by transgender operators. On top of combatting the suicide epidemic, the organization also provides financial support for legal name changes and other court services. If you or someone you know is struggling with identity-related issues, check out their site or call the number for help.
  • Skateistan

    If you’ve heard of a skate charity, chances are it was Skateistan. From running skate schools in Afghanistan and teaching kids lifelong skills with the board, Skateistan has grown into a massive force for good around the globe and now connects other skate orgs to collaborate with the Good Push Alliance. There was even an Oscar-winning documentary made about the girls in the program.
  • SkatePal

    SkatePal is one of the most impressive skate non-profits on the planet. The organizers have been growing the Palestinian skate scene in the West Bank by building parks, running camps and encouraging Western skaters to visit Palestine for good old-fashioned skate tripping. Their programs are one of the few places where kids of all genders can participate together while also getting much-needed recreation. On top of their DIY park builds and programs, the small staff of Charlie, Theo, Aram and Phil were also foundational in creating the first ever academic skate conference Pushing Boarders. Learn more about the group, volunteer if you can and watch the documentary or ambassador Ryan Lay’s edit from his trip through Palestine.
  • Rough Cut: Justin Henry's "Grand Prairie" Quasi Part

    Rough Cut: Justin Henry's "Grand Prairie" Quasi Part
    Jumping stairs and hitting hip-high rails always comes with consequences, especially spots in the Columbus crust. Justin suffers them all before rolling away in glory. It’s go time.
  • Tom Penny's Comes Home with éS

    Tom Penny's Comes Home with éS
    Tom Penny celebrates his éS homecoming with new clips from Le Dome that glow with his singular style.
  • The "Harlow Factor" Video

    The "Harlow Factor" Video
    Skating and graffiti collide in this raw depiction of Melbourne, with Andrew Currie and Jeremiah Corea leading the charge. Enjoy the show.
  • Cold Call: Lizzie Armanto

    Cold Call: Lizzie Armanto
    Lizzie’s got a green thumb and a deep bag of moves on her backyard ramp. Check the session with Burman, Ronnie, Axel and Allysha joining the jam.
  • Patrick Christian: The Art of Industrial Design

    Patrick Christian: The Art of Industrial Design
    Abstract art can take limitless forms. On the other end of the artistic spectrum is the almost photo-realistic illustrations of industrial design. We interviewed a skater with this unique talent.
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    Fans of GT, your issue is here! ATL’s finest lobs a lofty kickflip to claim the cover of our July mag, shot by the one and only Atiba Jefferson—legendary shit on both fronts! As if that wasn’t enough, Grant gets his own back, gracing the Contents page with a massive transfer at Garvanza. And further in we pack the pages with a full-scale LA takeover from Grant, Ishod, Ribeiro, Boserup and Nike’s Constant squad. Flip the pages and you’ll find all the answers you need to building your first shitty DIY. If you want some insanity, Shane Farber wreaks havoc in the Lunatic Fringe feature, bustin’ up the LA High banks and staring down death drops. Doesn’t stop there, Ryan Decenzo recounts the tale of his knee-risking bank bomb at the LA River. Then we got Sean Malto listing off 5 Greats on everything from Carroll quotes to condiments. Beagle’s People I’ve Known dishes on Reynolds, Herm, HK, J-Wray, Phelper and more. Searching for something Supreme? Ben Kadow's That’s My Shit will crack you up and give you the fix you need. OC homies Figgy and Collin Provost go head to head in a lightning round about early mentors, first sponsors and their biggest ollies. Next up in one of our most bittersweet photo features, we pay tribute to the singular Joe Hammeke with flicks, family photos and stories upon stories from his life well-lived. RIP, Hambone, you were one of the best we’ve had. In tales of up-and-coming rippers, Joey O’Brien and Kaue Cossa heat things up in their Heads interviews. Beyond the beach, Ace Pelka, Leo Romero, Jeremy Leabres, Salba and Jalba spend some time in the California Badlands. As always, your much-needed recovery from the carnage comes by way of the Zounds interviews. This month we got Billy Strings, Bongzilla and Rough Francis to soothe your weary eyes. Every mag is worth it’s weight in gold, but this is a must-have. Buy it now or forever live as a someone who missed the fuck out.