• Skate Like a Girl

    Skate Like a Girl
    What started as a few meetup events for women in the Seattle area has grown into one of the strongest skate non-profits pushing for inclusion in Washington, Oregon and the Bay Area. Under the leadership of the Skate Witches’ Kristin Ebeling, SLAG has orchestrated youth summer camps, women and trans skate nights and facilitates the annual Wheels of Fortune contest extravaganza. If you’re looking for some inspiration for opening up the skate scene and making positive change, start here.
  • Skate After School

    Skate After School
    Skate After School is a Phoenix-based non-profit providing after school programming for underserved youth. Co-founded by pro skater Ryan Lay, the organization does weekly programming with over 300 kids across the valley, organizes summer camp trips to Woodward and YMCA and currently distributes refurbished boards for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also give boards to kids in their program during the Holiday season in partnership with Cowtown for their Skate Angel program. Peep the heartwarming video below to hear what kind of impact SAS has on its kids.
  • The Skatepark Project

    The Skatepark Project
    Formerly known as the Tony Hawk Foundation, the Skatepark Project works to build skateparks in all 50 states of the US in order to foster growing skate scenes and positive recreation for kids of all different backgrounds. So far, over $5 million has been awarded to almost 600 projects across the country and $100k has been given to Skateistan for their facilities and programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. The Birdman’s name may be off the marquee, but he’s still on board fulfilling the foundation’s mission—helping make more parks for the people.
  • Ben Raemers Foundation

    Ben Raemers Foundation
    Following the tragic and untimely death of professional skater Ben Raemers when he was just 28 years old, the Ben Raemers Foundation emerged to foster discussions about mental health and suicide within the skate community. Throughout our community resource pages, there are many crisis helplines, but if you’re looking for someone to talk to and are unsure where to start, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).
  • Skate For Change

    Skate For Change
    Skate for Change is a global network of skaters and community leaders working at the grassroots level to improve the lives of people in their community by giving out socks, water and other essential goods to people experiencing homelessness. It’s not about how big your crew is, it’s about how much good you can do with the one you’ve got. Check their Three Steps to create change in your scene.
  • Cuba Skate

    Cuba Skate
    Cuba Skate, as you can tell by the name, facilitates a growing skate scene in Cuba by bringing in product from US skate companies like Baker, Spitfire, Vans, Cons and more while also building DIY spots for their community. Support the mission so we can see some sick vids out of Havana and beyond.
  • Make Life Skate Life

    Make Life Skate Life
    Building skateparks around the world in places where there isn’t the public infrastructure to make it happen is the first objective, but what happens as a result of Make Life Skate Life’s work is hundreds more people falling in love with skating in places you’d never expect. It started with building India’s first public skatepark and blossomed into a full-blown operation that has now made public parks in Bolivia, Brazil, Jordan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Morocco and beyond. For the most epic trip ever, plot a course for all their parks in one go.
  • Skate-Aid

    Skate Aid runs over 20 projects in 18 countries to improve the individual social lives of kids and teenagers with a focus on cognitive skills. Using skating as a vehicle, it also runs workshops to educate youth about a broad range of social issues to make a more tolerant and inclusive skate community.
  • Exposure Skate

    Exposure Skate
    Every year, the Exposure puts on the largest all-women’s contest near San Diego on top of providing skate clinics for women of all ability levels and donating proceeds to shelters for domestic violence survivors. Over 170 entries from 15 countries came to compete for the $60k prize-purse at the last Exposure. Watch the full documentary that started it all and show up to the next event to see some of the gnarliest women’s skating in the world.
  • Action Sports Kids Foundation

    Action Sports Kids Foundation
    The Action Sports Kids Foundation started by building skateparks in Long Beach to keep kids off the streets and away from gang activity. They’ve had an astonishing success rate, keeping their 80 members out of danger, and helping to build eight parks around LB. Be grateful for ASK next time you hit the rebuilt Cherry Park.
  • Jamie Foy's "Sunshine State" Dickies Part

    Jamie Foy's "Sunshine State" Dickies Part
    Foy returns to Florida to unleash a firestorm of NBDs on the thoroughly trafficked region. Might need a few views for this one to soak in.
  • Creature Welcomes Collin Provost

    Creature Welcomes Collin Provost
    Collin provides a full part to celebrate his new home at Creature. Bless this unholy union.
  • Natas Kaupas Guest Wheel for OJ

    Natas Kaupas Guest Wheel for OJ
    Gonz and Natas chop it up with old stories, discuss previously unseen clips and break down the new guest wheel for OJ.
  • Lost Art x New Balance Numeric Edit

    Lost Art x New Balance Numeric Edit
    New Balance and Lost Art’s Liverpool squad cut through crusty banks, laying down lines on their local monument.
  • Wonder Skateshop’s "BACK IN 5" Video

    Wonder Skateshop’s "BACK IN 5" Video
    You don’t hear much about Harrisonburg, VA, but this new feature from Wonder might change that. Dreamy spots, tasteful trick selection and that classic VX look, you gotta see it.
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