• Fly with the Eagle

    Fly with the Eagle
    Anti Hero dropped a new video today with Frank Gerwer for the Spring '12 drop 3 catalog. Check it out and fly with the eagle.
  • Anti Hero to Death Match

    Anti Hero to Death Match
    Pack the crew into the van in San Francisco and get to Austin in four days.  Got it!  Throw in some solid driving, parks, backyards, and a couple pit stops in epic towns, then turn it up a notch at Thrasher's Death Match. Good times, warm beers!
  • New from Anti Hero

    New from Anti Hero
    Check out Anti Hero's second drop of their Spring '12 catalog.
  • New from Antihero

    New from Antihero
    The Antihero crew takes a trip to Ridgemont High for Spring 2012. Check it out.
  • Double Rock Drive-By: Anti-Hero

    Double Rock Drive-By: Anti-Hero
    Strategic filming schedule with pre-planned trick lists? Hell no. Anti-Hero skated like they do every day: Full attack. Trujillo, Pfanner, Gerwer, Miorana, and Peabody go wall to wall.
  • Campaign Season

    Campaign Season
    Anti-hero elects some real role models who hate the same things you do. Watch their endorsement ads here.
  • Rollternative Sports

    Rollternative Sports
    Frank Gerwer demonstrates how to Raze, Flow, and Snake in Antihero's Fall drop 2 catalog.
  • DLX Demo-Lition Derby Footage

    DLX Demo-Lition Derby Footage
    Dennis Busenitz, Jake Donnelly, Peter Ramondetta, Mike Anderson, and more DLX skaters rip the Skatelab in this clip.
  • Antihero Drop 1 Fall '11

    Antihero Drop 1 Fall '11
    Check out the catalog and please comment… Antihero really cares what you think!
  • New from Antihero

    New from Antihero
    Check out the new boards from Antihero, including a Thrasher collaboff, in their latest catalog drop.