• True East: RB Umali Interview

    True East: RB Umali Interview
    Check out an interview here with RB Umali about filming Zoo York's True East video. Photos by Sean Cronan.
  • Firing Line: Chaz Ortiz

    Firing Line: Chaz Ortiz
    We don't know how many tries this line required, but Mr Consistency looks like he barely broke a sweat.
  • Chaz Ortiz B-Sides

    Chaz Ortiz B-Sides
    Zoo York has a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Chaz Ortiz video featuring highlights, second angles, unseen footage, and more.
  • Chaz Ortiz Speaks

    Chaz Ortiz Speaks
    Chaz Ortiz talks about the filming process for his new Zoo York part in this interview, accompanied by some photos and sequences.
  • The Chaz Ortiz Video

    The Chaz Ortiz Video
    Zoo York proudly presents The Chaz Ortiz Video, filmed in 10 months between October 2011 to July 2012. Shot on location in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New York City, and more.
  • Chaz Ortiz Trailer

    Chaz Ortiz Trailer
    Zoo York will be dropping a full-part from Chaz Ortiz on 7/10/12. Watch the trailer here.
  • Chaz and Travis in NYC

    Chaz and Travis in NYC
    Zoo York has a new clip of Chaz Ortiz and Travis Glover skating in New York City.
  • Chaz in Chicago

    Chaz in Chicago
    Chaz Ortiz sets up a new board and skates around the windy city in this clip from Zoo York.
  • Chaz Skates All Day

    Chaz Skates All Day
    Gatorade has a new clip of Chaz Ortiz exploring Miami.
  • Sweatin' The Cayman

    Sweatin' The Cayman
    In between massive rain showers, Sean Malto and Chaz Ortiz sweated it out down in the Cayman Islands.