• Behind the Scenes with Nyjah

    Behind the Scenes with Nyjah
    Nyjah Huston talks about the first slam in his Rise & Shine part from Element.
  • Element Crossing Canada

    Element Crossing Canada
    Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Evan Smith, and Boo Johnson put on a show across Canada.
  • Rise & Shine

    Rise & Shine
    Nyjah Huston's highly anticipated video part is now available on iTunes. Get it here.
  • Nyjah Teaser 7

    Nyjah Teaser 7
    Nyjah's part is dropping in one week, and you can count on plenty of big rails in it like this one.
  • Nyjah Teaser 5

    Nyjah Teaser 5
    Nyjah gets a huge hardflip in the 5th teaser for his upcoming video part.
  • Nyjah Teaser 3

    Nyjah Teaser 3
    Count on many more technical and consistent lines like this one in Nyjah's upcoming video part.
  • Nyjah Huston Official Trailer

    Nyjah Huston Official Trailer
    Element just released this gnarly trailer for Nyjah Huston's Rise & Shine video part.
  • Nyjah Teaser 2

    Nyjah Teaser 2
    Check out Nyjah Huston's second teaser for his video part coming out on Novemer 11, 2011.
  • Chad Tim Tim Cruiser Board

    Chad Tim Tim Cruiser Board
    Check out this commercial for Chad Tim Tim's new cruiser board.
  • Nyjah Teaser

    Nyjah Teaser
    Element has a teaser for Nyjah Huston's video part that will be dropping on November 11th.