• Future Nature Online Today

    Future Nature Online Today
    Element is streaming their new video, "Future Nature" online for free–today only. If you miss it, it's available for purchase on the iTunes store here.
  • Future Nature Premiere Photos

    Future Nature Premiere Photos
    Ben Karpinski hooked us up with some photos from the Element premiere.
  • Future Nature Trailer

    Future Nature Trailer
    Check out the trailer for the new Element am video starring Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Boo Johnson, Madars Apse, and Evan Smith. Available May 1st, 2012.
  • Nyjah Goes To Hollywood

    Nyjah Goes To Hollywood
    Element takes you behind the scenes of Nyjah's tricks at Hollywood High in his Rise & Shine part.
  • LA Accident

    LA Accident
    Nyjah Huston talks about slamming and making the 24-stair Smith grind from his Rise & Shine part.
  • Behind the Scenes with Nyjah

    Behind the Scenes with Nyjah
    Nyjah Huston talks about the first slam in his Rise & Shine part from Element.
  • Element Crossing Canada

    Element Crossing Canada
    Mark Appleyard, Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Evan Smith, and Boo Johnson put on a show across Canada.
  • Rise & Shine

    Rise & Shine
    Nyjah Huston's highly anticipated video part is now available on iTunes. Get it here.
  • Nyjah Teaser 7

    Nyjah Teaser 7
    Nyjah's part is dropping in one week, and you can count on plenty of big rails in it like this one.
  • Nyjah Teaser 5

    Nyjah Teaser 5
    Nyjah gets a huge hardflip in the 5th teaser for his upcoming video part.