• Alex Decunha's "Krux" Part

    Alex Decunha's "Krux" Part
    Alex takes a unique approach to the UK’s pads and gaps for Krux. 
  • Krux goes to Woodward Tahoe

    Krux goes to Woodward Tahoe
    Krux sends Goure to camp with Travis Harrison and Shawn Hale to terrorize Tahoe’s dirt jumps and foam-padded indoor ramps. Have fun naming half these moves.
  • Cobe Harmer's "Farewell to SLC" Part

    Cobe Harmer's "Farewell to SLC" Part
    Before packing up and splitting town, Cobe set his sights on some of Salt Lake’s biggest sets for Krux. The hardflip at the end will give his homies something to remember him by. 
  • Krux's Whale Talk

    Krux's Whale Talk
    Krux continues its beautifully bizarre streak by working their nine-inch trucks into a guided meditation session led by Whale Bone. Ground yourself with this one next time you’re about to focus another innocent board. Namaskate.  
  • Travis Harrison Skates The Hole-y Grails

    Travis Harrison Skates The Hole-y Grails
    Travis Harrison takes the new Krux for a test ride in the streets, smashing curbs and crooked grinding up rails. Recent Scrambler Aaron Goure provides the track that gives the edit a pulse. Wait till you see that kickflip back grind ender!
  • Krux ASMR

    Krux ASMR
    Krux gets weird with a legitimate ASMR video. This one will surely stir the senses.
  • "How Many Tricks" with Ry Rey

    "How Many Tricks" with Ry Rey
    Ry Rey put some work in and pieced together a monstrosity of a line with no pushes in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • New from Krux

    New from Krux
    Check out all of the new trucks from Krux in their Summer '19 catalog here.
  • Krux's "Blow Out!" Video

    Krux's "Blow Out!" Video
    Krux just released their full-length video, Blow Out! Watch it here.
  • Spencer Semien for Krux Trucks

    Spencer Semien for Krux Trucks
    Spencer Semien straight smashing the streets on Krux Kromes.
  • Pedro Delfino's "Hell of a Year 2020" Interview

    Pedro Delfino's "Hell of a Year 2020" Interview
    Pedro’s rookie year had more than a few curve balls. Learn how he knocked it out of the park despite the pandemic, civil war fears and a serious case of impostor syndrome—from the Dec. ‘21 issue.
  • Create's "Life & Times" Video

    Create's "Life & Times" Video
    The City’s hairball hills and cutty alleys get a healthy drubbing from Jamal Jordin, Cris Lesh and Terrell Newell, with a last trick for the SF history books. 
  • Beyond Skateshop's "Beytour" Video

    Beyond Skateshop's "Beytour" Video
    Jaakko and his fellow Finns cause a scene in plazas and abandoned buildings, in search of a rumored serpentine rail. Enjoy the adventure.
  • Where The Hell Is Pat Duffy?

    Where The Hell Is Pat Duffy?
    OJ tracks down Duffy with the help of Marius, Madars and more to put the hurt on an old Finnish swimmin’ hole.
  • Skateboarders In Love

    Skateboarders In Love
    Skating can break your heart. It helps to have someone to share the stoke with. Here are interviews with six couples that have learned to grind through the good times and the bad. Featuring Nora Vasconcellos, Lizzie Armanto, Axel Cruysberghs, Franky Villani and more.
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    Nobody embodies the Thrasher spirit like John Cardiel, so it was a no-brainer for him to grace the cover of the 40th anniversary issue. Welcome to January 2021! The mag’s history is deep, and we go on a dive into the ‘80s with classic photos and unprinted gems from Thrasher’s first decade (‘90s coming next issue!) More history lessons with the 20 Greatest Covers Of All Times and rare Gnartifacts from the past 40 years. (Ever seen the first SOTY trophy? We hadn’t either until recently!) Elissa Steamer—one of the best to ever do it—weighs in on the Heroes + Heavies that she’s met along the way, and Sam Hitz breaks down the quintessential Skate Rock bands you need at every backyard session. On a more somber note, we bid a sad farewell to Keith Hufnagel with photos and heartfelt words from his close friends. Rip in peace, Huf. That ain’t all—Kevin Thatcher, the mag’s first Editor in Chief, gets grilled by Mike Burnett, Deathwish is on a deadline for their new vid and things are getting hectic and Neckface tells the tales of Phelps’ close encounters with death. You’re bummed if you miss any issues but skip this one and you’re crying all the way into 2022. Don’t blow it!