• Tommy Sandoval Krux Remix

    Tommy Sandoval Krux Remix
    Krux remixes Tommy's pro truck video with some bonus footage. Watch it here.
  • Jimmy Carlin's Skate Date

    Jimmy Carlin's Skate Date
    Jimmy Carlin finds a match and goes on a skate date in this clip from Krux.
  • New from Krux

    New from Krux
    Check out all of the new trucks from Krux in their holiday '13 catalog.
  • Tommy Sandoval's New Krux Truck

    Tommy Sandoval's New Krux Truck
    Tommy Sandoval talks about a decade of riding Krux, his new signature truck, and comes through with some ripping footage.
  • At Home with Caswell Berry

    At Home with Caswell Berry
    Caswell Berry shares a slice of his home life and shreds the Sunnyvale park in this clip for Krux and Ricta.
  • Krux 5.0

    Krux 5.0
    The team gets a sneak-peek at the new 8.5 inch Krux 5.0 and Fuzz trucks during a ledge sesh.
  • They're Not Shoes

    They're Not Shoes
    Silas has a rough one when he mistakes his shoes for trucks.
  • Fatback: Krux in Spain

    Fatback: Krux in Spain
    Polished edits are great, but Fatback's mix of outtakes, dork tricks, and random weirdness capture trips as they really are.
  • In Spain Krux Posse

    In Spain Krux Posse
    First the Moors, now a vicious Skateboard Juggalo invasion. Spain endures the wrath of the Krux.
  • 5&5 with Jimmy Carlin

    5&5 with Jimmy Carlin
    Jimmy Carlin floor dances at the airport gate and hardflips a double set first try in this 5&5 for Krux trucks.