• Maloof Money Cup in Theaters

    Maloof Money Cup in Theaters
    The Maloof Money Cup is coming to movie theaters nationwide for only one night.
  • Maloof Money Cup South Africa Vert

    Maloof Money Cup South Africa Vert
    You can now watch the entire vert finals from the Maloof Money Cup in South Africa here.
  • 2011 Maloof DC Pro Finals

    2011 Maloof DC Pro Finals
    The head to head brackets were set with the top 12 and it went down to Creager vs Reynolds for the finals. Big ups to the Boss for skating his ass off all weekend and walking away with 160 large.
  • 2011 Maloof Ams

    2011 Maloof Ams
    Here's footage from the Am contest at Maloof Money Cup in NYC. Evan Smith took home the win and will pack his bags for South Africa in September.
  • Lutzka Edges Out Busenitz

    Lutzka Edges Out Busenitz
    Here's the final heat of the 2011 Maloof Money Cup. It's Dennis Busenitz vs Greg Lutzka. More video to come.
  • Maloof Announces Skaters

    Maloof Announces Skaters
    Maloof Money Cup just released the names of 24 skaters who were invited to skate their contests in New York and Washington, DC. 24 more skaters to come.
  • Maloof High Ollie Finals

    Maloof High Ollie Finals
    Aldrin Garcia took the Maloof High Ollie Challenge, setting a new world record.
  • Sweetheart Dance

    Sweetheart Dance
    Crystal Antlers, Sweet Apple, and OFF! played on top of the Palms last night. Check out some of the photos here.
  • Maloof High Ollie Semi-finals

    Maloof High Ollie Semi-finals
    Hammeke checks in from the Maloof High Ollie Challenge in Vegas.
  • Maloof Money Cup OC 2010

    Maloof Money Cup OC 2010
    All coverage of the 2010 Maloof Money Cup in Orange County