• Jack O'Grady: The Thrasher Interview

    Jack O'Grady: The Thrasher Interview
    You've seen the shocker of a video, now find out what makes Sydney's finest go off––with bonus material we couldn't squish into the April, 2021 mag.

    Fast and ruthless like the Low Life track itself, Callum Paul, our guy Jack and the Pass~Port team cause a scene in the streets of Oz.

    Callum Paul, Dean Palmer, Jason Rainbird, Jack O’Grady and the other Pass~porters come through with more brutal slams and bangers that didn’t make it into Kitsch.
  • Pass~Port's "Kitsch" Video

    Pass~Port's "Kitsch" Video
    If you didn’t have the dough to shell out for for their gold USB stick box set, now’s your chance to see the Australian modern classic in its entirety for free. With a poppy synth-heavy soundtrack and full parts from Josh Pall, Callum Paul, Jack O’Grady and their fellow Pass~Porters, this feature will raise your spirits. 
  • Jack O'Grady's "Kitsch" Part

    Jack O'Grady's "Kitsch" Part
    This dude is a damn animal! High-speed assaults on EVERYTHING in his path, taking no prisoners. Hell YES.
  • Pass~Port's Kitsch Box

    Pass~Port's Kitsch Box
    Need more treasures in your life? Check this PASS~PORT Kitsch box which comes with the Kitsch ideo on a gold die struck USB drive, a screen-printed scarf and the box itself which is adorned with a gold foil screen print on its cover. CLA~SSY! 
  • Pass Port "KITSCH" Premiere Blog

    Pass Port "KITSCH" Premiere Blog
    Will this be the first and last skate premiere at the Opera House? Sydney’s PASS~PORT presents KITSCH , their first full length,  at the Iconic Sydney Opera house.
  • New from Pass~Port

    New from Pass~Port
    Check out all of the new boards and gear from Pass~Port available now.
  • Carhartt WIP x Pass~Port's "Kiss Me in the NT" Video

    Carhartt WIP x Pass~Port's "Kiss Me in the NT" Video
    Twelve days from the bottom of the Northern Territory to the top with Carhartt WIP and Pass~Port. Check it out.
  • Pass~Port x Vans "Fitzy Plaza" Video

    Pass~Port x Vans "Fitzy Plaza" Video
    A few well-placed obstacles, a gang of mates and the good times roll hard. Simple formula.