• Jimbo Witch Doctor Board

    Jimbo Witch Doctor Board
    Shuriken Shannon talks about his new deck for Santa Cruz's 40th Anniversary while taking it for a ride at the park and in the streets.
  • New from Santa Cruz

    New from Santa Cruz
    Check out all of the new products from Santa Cruz in their Spring '13 catalog.
  • Shuriken Shannon's Pro Mix

    Shuriken Shannon's Pro Mix
    Shuriken filmed and edited this clip for Santa Cruz featuring Strubing, E-Man, and more.
  • 5&5 with Justin Strubing

    5&5 with Justin Strubing
    Justin Strubing disses Bush and dodges human wildlife at the LES park in New York.
  • Not at Home with Santa Cruz

    Not at Home with Santa Cruz
    Emmanuel Guzman, Salba, Josh Borden, Sid Melvin, and Justin Strubing take it to the desert in this clip for Santa Cruz.
  • Reason for Living: Peter Hewitt

    Reason for Living: Peter Hewitt
    Santa Cruz unlocks the vault on Peter Hewitt's part from Reason for Living that came out in 1990.
  • Santa Cruzing

    Santa Cruzing
    The Santa Cruz crew can rip anything. We hit the road for a few days, and the boys came through with a good ol' shreddin' time.
  • Double Rock: Santa Cruz

    Double Rock: Santa Cruz
    A board company like Santa Cruz becomes legendary through the riders who represent it. Here's Strubing, Guzman, Mikey Curtis, SC's newest team rider Shuriken Shannon, ripping ams, and even a Dressen sighting.
  • Josh Borden on Santa Cruz

    Josh Borden on Santa Cruz
    Santa Cruz officially welcomes Josh Borden to their team with this sick video.
  • Mikey Curtis Straight Skating

    Mikey Curtis Straight Skating
    Santa Cruz am, Mikey Curtis, straight skating and doin' it big.