• Ron Whaley Truckster

    Ron Whaley Truckster
    Santa Cruz has a sick new video part from Ron Whaley to go with his new Truckster board.
  • In the Park: Travis Erickson

    In the Park: Travis Erickson
    Strangenotes gets in the Benicia, CA park with Travis Erickson for this new clip.
  • Travis Erickson Video Part

    Travis Erickson Video Part
    Santa Cruz gives Travis Erickson a warm welcome with this sick video part. Watch it here.
  • E-Man Addict Series

    E-Man Addict Series
    Santa Cruz has a clip of Emmanuel Guzman ripping the Ben Lomond skatepark to support his new Addict board series.
  • Introducing Salba Cruz

    Introducing Salba Cruz
    Salba gives you a rundown on his new line of boards, shirts, and cruisers, then skates a bunch of pools in this clip.
  • Win a Homer Complete

    Win a Homer Complete
    Santa Cruz kicked down one of their new Simpsons boards for us to give away on our Facebook page.
  • Santa Cruz in LA Part 2

    Santa Cruz in LA Part 2
    The Santa Cruz guys continue ripping around Los Angeles in the second part of their trip down south.
  • Support Jacob's Heart

    Support Jacob's Heart
    Santa Cruz just released this deck with 100% of its proceeds going to benefit Jacob's Heart.
  • Sid Melvin Gone Fishin'

    Sid Melvin Gone Fishin'
    Santa Cruz has a sick clip of Sid Melvin for their new "Gone Fishin'" board series.
  • Double Rock: Santa Cruz

    Double Rock: Santa Cruz
    Santa Cruz rippers Ryan Harris and Travis Erickson put it down at the 'Rock, with a guest appearance from SF native Sean Gutierrez.